5 Best Spy App for iPhone in 2020

A month ago, I started getting hints that my husband was having an affair. I was getting so restless and didn’t know what to do about it. He owns an iPhone, and I didn’t even know how to check his messages getting past his security pin.

I actually thought that it was impossible to look into his phone without him finding out about it. Then, I came across this great app called Cocospy. Using this app, you can actually look into all the messages and files on an iPhone!

It was such a relief to find a Cocospy solution as I now had a way to clear my doubts without having to confront my husband. I was able to get all the instructions and necessary information from Clickfree.

With experience, I can now say that it is certainly the best app in the market if you are looking for a way to spy on an iPhone. However, I have reviewed five best spy apps for the iPhone to give you a better idea. 

#1 Cocospy: Spying on an iPhone is not impossible anymore

Cocospy is the best solution for spying on an iPhone device. It allows you to access all the data that is there on the target device without actually accessing it physically. It is an excellent application that millions of people are utilizing across the globe.

It is not just me who is having a positive option for this tool. There are some really popular media houses such as PCMag, Forbes, etc. that have praised the functionality of Cocospy. You can check the best iPhone spy app features too.

It is quite natural for you to wonder, ‘What is so special about Cocospy?’ or ‘Are there other applications too that have iPhone spying capabilities?’

You can decide about the quality of Cocospy for yourself after reading through its brilliant features and ease of installation. 

1.1. How to set up Cocospy for an iPhone?

Planning how to hack into someone’s iPhone? Check out the steps involved:

Step 1- Visit the Cocospy website and sign up for a new account for yourself. You need to opt for a subscription plan for Cocospy app first for iOS. After you choose one, you will have to follow the simple setup of the Cocospy wizard.

Step 2- This setup wizard will automatically do the necessary configuration for the target iOS device. All you have to do is verify the iCloud credentials for the iPhone that you wish to spy on.

Step 3- After you select the ‘Start’ button, you will see a Cocospy Control Panel on the screen. Now, you can view all the data of the iOS device that you plan on spying.

It might take a few minutes to set up completely depending upon the number of items it needs to sync with.

You will be able to see everything on the Dashboard on your browser with all its features mentioned on the left side. Congratulations! You are all set to secretly spy on the target device. 

1.2. Features of Cocospy that make it the best iPhone spying app

Here are some of the best features on offer by the Cocospy app: 

A completely web-based interface:

There is absolutely no need to install any application on your computer or on the target iOS device for using Cocospy. You can access it remotely, and this is what makes it so portable.

A ‘no-jailbreak’ solution

What makes Cocospy solution so great for spying on an iPhone is that no jailbreak is required for you to be able to access the iPhone. It is a cloud solution where all you need are the credentials for the iCloud of the device.

Allows access to everything on the device:

You can access the text messages, social media apps, media files, etc. at any point in time. Moreover, you will be able to access the deleted files and messages from the iPhone too.

Call and location monitor:

You can know about who is being called or talked to from the target device. You can even keep track of the location of the iPhone and know when you have to look into it deeper to find out about things. 

#2 Spyic: spy on an iOS device remotely

Spyic is another one of the best spy apps for an iPhone. There is no need for you to install any special application to be able to use this solution. Just like Cocospy, Spyic provides great functionality and features too.

After putting credentials of the iOS device, you will be able to see everything on the Dashboard itself using any browser. It is also one of the rare no-jailbreak solutions for an iPhone.

The tool is completely safe for use, and you will be able to access all the messages, calls, media files, and much more using the Spyic tool. 

#3 Spyier: Spying an iPhone made easy

If your concern is how to spy on an iPhone, Spyier could be a great choice for you! Once you set it up for the desired iOS device, you will be notified about all the activities of the target device right on your Dashboard.

You need to simply log onto the Dashboard to view social media accounts, messages, videos and other media files that are there on the target iPhone.

Moreover, this tool has got extensive features like GPS tracking and call-tracking too. 

#4 Minspy: Track an IOS device today!

Minspy is another of the great spying apps available for an iPhone today. There is no need for you to figure out the security pin and care about if somebody is looking while you are looking into an iPhone.

All you need is an account on Minspy and the credentials of the iCloud of the target phone to be able to view everything on that phone through your browser. The steps of going through the procedure are extremely easy.

Check out the details and create an account on Minspy today!

#5 Spyine: Know what’s there on the iPhone

Spyine is an iPhone spying solution that you should not miss out on. Just like Cocospy and other effective tools mentioned above, Spyine also gives you multiple functionalities to spy on the target iPhone.

You can monitor the calls, messages, and location, all through your web browser at any point in time. Simply create your account on Spyine, enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone and get started with it!

Whether you wish to spy on your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or kids, these best iPhone spying apps are the ideal solutions to your concern. Out of all, Cocospy is a fantastic solution to spy on an iPhone.

Technology has really brought in some great tools to get through the security measures of an iPhone too! Check out the complete instructions on the official site and begin spying on the iPhone!

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