5 Free Best Apps For Mobiles

Top 5 Applications For Smartphones: Smartphone’s OS’s now have many useful application in the market which are most demanded in present day.

Fotor : Windows Phone

Fotor is editing and sharing your photos on Windows Phone strongest current . There is no Instagram and Snapseed but Windows Phone app now available to combine the advantages of both software. Fotor offers many filter effects and photo editing tools to help the rich photography becomes more interesting. Also this software also offers plenty of photo frames.

 QuickOffice: Android

This application is best suited for office and mobile devices . According to many users, Quickoffice Google smoother operation all applications of Microsoft Office 365. Once downloaded and installed this app, you can also get Google Drive account up to 10 GB.

VidTrim : Android

Besides trimming function is a pre-shared videos, VidTrim also help you to apply to them the color effects similar to Instagram and export video files into multiple formats and sizes. Compared to many other video editing software on Android,  VidTrim has the advantage compact and fast operation.

Instagram : iOS/Android 7 Instagram for iOS and Android

Still available on both iOS and Android 7 , but still loving Instagram updated version before the foundation of Apple. The Instagram for iOS 7 but not add new features but the interface was done in the style beautifully designed and modern flat . Some custom inner core of the Instagram app also works smoothly on iOS 7. Customize your photos and videos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects. Change everyday moments into works of art you want to share with friends and family.

Unwind : iOS/Android Unwind for Android and iOS

This is a free application to help you find movie showtimes, music, theater and exhibitions as well as providing full date, venue, simultaneous lookups are both fare and distance from the user to the location where the event took place.

Besides information lookup, users can also refer to the comments from the community on each site to determine more precisely .

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