6 Types Of Content That Give Very Good Results On Instagram

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Creating interesting and current content on Instagram constantly is a struggle for most social media marketing experts. Just check your news list and you will notice that you have posted the same type of photo again and again, and that your brand is not different from your competition. In order to help you, we have compiled the following guide with Instagram ideas to guarantee that you never run out and publish something different again.

Ideas For Instagram To Boost Interaction

Content behind the scenes

You are more than a brand, you are a community. Promote your team and the people behind the company by showing unique content behind the scenes. The content behind the scenes is a great idea for the publications of the brands on Instagram, since it humanizes the company, showing the faces behind the brand.

Your audience will have the opportunity to know what your brand is really about and feel a personal connection with who you are and what you represent.

Here are some “behind the scenes” ideas for Instagram posts:

  • Profiles of employees, including executives and even the CEO.
  • Tours in the workplace to show where and how your products are made.
  • Pet presentations in the office (if dogs are allowed in your office, make a presentation or a “takeover” just like we did in this Instagram post).
  • Photos and videos of events that you organize or in which your brand was involved

One of the ideas for Instagram is to show the functions of the product

This may seem obvious, but sometimes brands can get carried away by lifestyle-driven content sharing that they forget to show their products or services on Instagram. Remember, your audience is interested in what you offer and what distinguishes your brand from your competition.

In addition to the Instagram publications focused on your lifestyle, also share an occasional publication where you show your product and brand. Establish a program to ensure that you are not publishing much promotional content. One or two posts a week, depending on the amount of content you normally share, is a good number to start with.

Lifestyle Photographs

As mentioned earlier, lifestyle content is a great way to show how your product or service works in real life.

Instead of always sharing a picture of your brand’s, share a photo of adventurous hikers climbing a mountain, using your backpack. Think about your target audience and the people you have already established, as well as what interests them. How is the life you dream with? Once you discover this, you can share images that encompass your aspirations and allow them to feel that your brand is aligned with their desires, needs and weak points.

Appointments and text-based content
Do you remember those days when you only needed something stimulating and inspiring? Offer that to your followers through Instagram posts. Text-based images and quotes are a simple but effective way to increase participation quickly through your Instagram posts.

Some ideas for text-based content include:

  • Appointments of outstanding figures that attract your target audience.
  • Appointments from experts and leaders in your industry (this can include the CEO of your company or any other executive).
  • Positive reviews or comments from customers.
  • Information or announcements of events.
  • Promotion and sales information.
  • Notes on closures or store hours.
  • Useful information such as recipes, tips related to products or how it is done.
  • Statistics and data related to the sector

Daily Hashtags

Have you ever struggled to find an idea to post on Instagram when you realize it’s Thursday? With the popular hashtag #tbt (Throwback Thursday) , you have an instant idea to post. Look for those old photos of the humble origin of your company, or some baby photos of your CEO.

No matter what day it is, if you have an idea for your Instagram posts, now you have an excellent starting point.

User Generated Content

You would not be anything without your audience and customers, so be sure to make them feel appreciated. By sharing user-generated content convert your valuable followers into stars, but you also get unique content for your posts on Instagram.

The best way to share content created by users is to perform a re-gram, that is, publish a photo of someone else’s account in your own brand account. “Performing re-gram of other users’ content allows brands to share fresh material with their audience. And this practice can encourage increased participation by motivating followers to post content that is worth sharing again. ”

The guide mentioned above shares the following 5 ways to get user-generated content on Instagram:

  • Create a hashtag of your brand for content proposals generated by the user.
  • Monitor photos where your brand is tagged.
  • Organize a photo contest on Instagram.
  • Invite your followers to send photos.
  • Encourage interaction on Instagram during live events.

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