Apple Creates Its Virtual Reality Helmet

Source / Credit: EPA / UPG

Apple is preparing a new “revolutionary” product, which will repeat the success of the iPhone. They will become a helmet of augmented reality, the technology should be ready in 2018, and deliveries can begin in early 2020.

This was told by the Bloomberg publication referring to those who wanted to remain anonymous sources familiar with the situation.

According to the source, the helmet Apple will get its own display, a smartphone for work is not required. Also, the gadget will be based on a new chip and its own operating system.

Development under the common code name T288 covers several software and hardware projects. It is conducted by the same team that released ARKit, a tool for third-party developers to create an augmented reality application for the iPhone and iPad.

The next step is to create a helmet with its own built-in display, capable of broadcasting 3D video, without emptying the battery.

The operating system for the helmet has the internal name rOS or “reality operating system”. It is based on the iOS platform.

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