Apple fires their employee after her daughter’s Iphone X vlog gets viral

According to the latest reports Apple has terminated an engineer from their company after his daughter’s video about iPhone X got viral on You tube.

Brooke Amelia Peterson

The Engineer’s Daughter Brooke Amelia Peterson posted a vlog earlier this week, which shows a trip to the Apple campus where her father works and she sees the upcoming iPhone X. Many sites got hold of Amelia Peterson’s video and it spread like a fire in a jungle.

Amelia Peterson also posted a video where she claims that this happened due to her video. In a sniveling video, Peterson elucidates her father violated an Apple company statute by letting her film the video at Apple’s campus. Apple continuously demanded Peterson to take out the video, but it was already too late. Video may seems like a simple hands-on, but it did show an iPhone X along with special employee-only QR codes. A notes app was also shown on the iPhone X in the video, which seemed to include code names of unreleased Apple products. As the Shooting on Apple’s campus is harshly banned, so this is a definite rule violation.

The company has surely suffered in form of disclosing of iPhone X in this way.

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