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9 million new iPhones sold in the first three days beyond expected financial analysts and went behind the words derogatory observers technologies.
Apple iOS User ExperienceThe 23/9 , Apple announced a new record in just 3 days open company selling new iPhone has sold 9,000,000 units, almost twice more than 5 million record set by the iPhone five years past. Sales of the new iPhone beyond the imagination of financial analysts, observers and technology media .

Apple also announced over 200 million devices that users upgrade to iOS 7, only five days after the release of version a much larger number in the same period of time for the iOS update above.

Immediately, the price of Apple shares rose 5 %, while the U.S. stock market declining after the end of the trading session.

A little more than 10 days after the iPhone 5S and 5C duo was announced , Wall Street has failed, Apple shares fell 5 % . Financial analysts predict that sales of the new iPhone will be bleak.

Investors disappointment despite a no longer magic Tim Cook Apple ‘s reign.

Wall Street had warned Apple care department otherwise sold over 5 million new iPhone on the weekend of the first round of sales.

Most tech watchers have expressed doubts about the success of the iPhone 5S and 5C to maintain 4-inch screen , and features 5S configuration advance no improvement , no cheap version cheap 5C .

Wall Street Change Voice

Contrary to what the financial forecast , Apple CEO Tim Cook says iPhone demand beyond imagination. But Wall Street analysts immediately criticized Apple trophies. Sales Wall Street said “crisis” in the first 3 days because of the new 3 factors-the number of new iPhone model inventory and China.

Some analysts cite the Apple iPhone launch two samples at the same time is unprecedented. Others have said that sales of Apple computers in the network inventory of many parts of the world, many people emphasize particularly high turnover is because China is the first country in the list of iPhone market response first down .

The analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray investment firm that only about 5-6 million new iPhone really to consumers, and the rest are still in the store network.

Specialist Steven Milunovich financial firm UBS said iPhone sales seem high at first, but the purchasing power in the market growth will be lower than expected .

However, both recognize Muster and Milunovich 9 million new iPhones sold in the first 3 days are encouraging signs of Apple. Muster even admitted that the demand for the iPhone 5S early days was higher than last year iPhone 5 .

The financial analyst can change depending discuss their views through the numbers. Only the last base have been visible before .

With the super food , technology observers tend to focus on the characteristics and configuration analysis. Apple Products of attention recently fashionable features like Retina display, assistant Siri, FaceTime video chat conversations.

But the iPhone 5S Apple observers integrated chip disappointed not 4 or 8 people who like the warrior Android accelerates, the screen is still the same movement forward 4 inches and 5 inches greater premium Android smartphone.

Meanwhile, the fingerprint sensor Identification integrated touch Home button on the iPhone 5S were overlooked experts and media. However, fingerprint security not only to improve safety facilities have access to phone but also opens the possibility of applying the use authentication services , buying and paying online users .

Scrutiny Style for Apple not so new. In the WWDC 2013 conference was held in June, iOS analysts Mode 7 has no innovation breakthroughs even Apple shameless that borrow features from Android and Windows Phone.

Actually, Apple did not invent these new features. From the iPod, iPhone to iPad, Apple products are based on what is already there. High resolution screen, voice recognition, video chat , fingerprint security. 

Everyone is familiar with the technology used computing devices.

The difference of Apple products is a great experience , more transparent for customers, from the first open box experience new products. By introducing new blockbuster , Apple never presented features , hardware configuration is also short.

Although many different website lists the points test iOS 7 objectionable, the disappointment of the iPhone 5S and 5C, the figures show that many users are very happy with the experience gained from a mixture of new Apple hardware and software .

Undoubtedly the Android smartphone peak of Samsung, HTC and Sony has many outstanding features , to attract the attention of those interested in exploring and understanding technology.

However, many ordinary consumers, the device sometimes used discomfort, lack of consistent experience, no problem.

After all, consumers do not really pay much attention to innovation as an expert analysis of technology in general but more money for a wonderful experience.

Apple is reasonable to meet her.

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