Apple Is Setting Highest Security For iPhone 6 Launch

Apple To Set Highest Security Before Launch iPhone 6: Less than 24 hours before the biggest event of the year took place the official Apple.
Apple Setting Security iPhone 6 LaunchWorking under tight security at the highest level ever. Does Apple have to wire the entire area surrounding the event, Performing Arts Center Flint Center with a security fence and locked when out in order to prevent information leakage to the outside.

Anyone who served for this event, from the food supply, construction workers to technicians are assigned to the phone for Apple’s security team before starting work.

Part of the camera then the camera will be attached a layer of special anti-theft adhesive tape. This ice will change color if someone tries to remove it. “If the ice were to change the color, we would be fired immediately” – a person said who was working at this event (who requested anonymity).

In addition, security personnel are also allowed to check their phones whenever and if found images or illegal messages or an attempt to leak details of the event, they will meet similar results. “We were warned to automatically remove anything that is not noticeable on the phone by the security staff will be thick arranged comb”.

Apple has traditionally been known for strict confidentiality about their products. They’re always like that, but in this event, the security level is pushed up higher than ever.

The launch of Apple’s new products will take place at 0h on 10/9, at the Flint Center. This center has the seats 2,400, is located in the campus community college in Cupertino, California, not far from Apple’s headquarters.

In this event, Apple is expected to launch two new iPhones, a wrist device for health monitoring. To cater the event, Apple has built a large building beside the Flint Center. The purpose of this building remains a mystery but may be, this will be the place to experience the new product.

To keep it secret, Apple has hired a contractor to take water from the UK. This team came from England in charge of decorating the exterior of the new building was built, but absolutely no contact with any employee who works in theater inside.

Employees who normally are not allowed to close above the building: “We are not allowed to roam around the building,” – an employee said. Everything is strict censorship. People working there are strict division of roles and limits the area they could be contacted. “There is no contact between any person outside and inside the stage area” – he also said. “Everyone knows that Apple is tracking our phone and keep track of what we exchange”.

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