Apple Launched The New MacBook Air

Apple launched the new MacBook Air: MacBook Air includes 2 screen version is 11.6″ and 13.3″, was developed from version 11″ appeared in late 2010.
Apple Launched The New MacBook AirAlthough there are many clear favorite but the MacBook Air’s screen is not good with Retina display on the MacBook Pro. The question is whether Apple can build a machine with the same quality screen MacBook Pro but at a much cheaper price or not?

The rumors that Apple will equip the MacBook Air with Retina display and Apple is developing a new Airline appeared long ago noise on the online community.

However the current model does not have any significant change in design since its launch. Version Air 12 ” coming is expected to bring new design, comes with a high resolution screen, is capable Retina display.
Apple MacBook AirThe new MacBook Air will be thinner and more compact than the old version, so it will be cool without a fan. Trackpad cannot use physical buttons, like the other MacBooks.

Apple has licensed the type of trackpad buttons are not used, instead it uses sensors to record the movement and function remain unchanged. These changes will free a lot of space.

There is no hardware specifications, but it is thought that the Air 12 ” will use Intel’s Haswell processor . Would not it powerful as the MacBook Pro to keep cheaper price. Upgraded version of the MacBook Air will out in the next few months.

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