Apple Opens Flank Before Samsung And Nokia

Apple Will Open Flank Before Nokia and Samsung: New Apple iPhone 5C is not cheap as expected many users and this is a great lake of Apple other competitors that can pass easily.
Apple Opens Flank Before Samsung And Nokia ” The price is $ 100 higher than our expectations” said analyst Brian White of the firm Cantor Fitzgerald on iPhone 5C rates.

Analysts said the price difference 5C iPhone $ 100 does not create the impression for consumers and Apple are not really coming to the lack of funds to maximize the amount of money earned on the iPhone.

First, the price of 349 USD for the 16GB iPhone Apple iPhone 5C introduced in the premium segment and their opponents will be automatically Devices Mini for Android such as Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, HTC One Mini, but with prices much high.

Of course, at this price, Apple will continue to sell basically for the support of a large fan base and appeal iOS ecosystem the ecosystem of Android apps.

However, the gap between Android smartphones and the iPhone are not so great today. Therefore, in the eyes of iPhone users 5C will be nothing more than product Mini of the best Android smartphones .

Monday, while prices range from 8 million or more are in the hands of its Android smartphones and the iPhone 5C new prices,  Apple will be hard to capture this segment.

The firm BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk, said that the price of iPhone 5C not cheap enough to match the economic growth of smartphones worldwide. iPhone 5C range will make it difficult to dominate the market for the purchase price or may not be key support prepaid postpaid subscribers.

You can actually see, the Apple iPhone 5C does not change its business strategy is the way, besides coloring product which Nokia Lumia smartphones Android and did very well.

Apple still falls below the segment for companies like Samsung and Nokia. As smartphones segment 5S iPhone screen from Samsung, HTC, Sony fierce competition. According to Samsung , the Galaxy Note has sold more than 28 million product units. This segment shows large screen smartphone and phablet have a large customer base.

With Apple today, there are many things more important than money. End of second quarter of this year , the Apple’s cash mountain has to one hundred billion dollars. Apple Earnings still flowing constantly to sell either products iPhone , iPad , Mac Book. Investors were also familiar with Apple’s profit margins decreased when it launched the iPad Mini with common small screen and cheaper iPad.

Therefore, the current CEO , Tim Cook , will meet economically insignificant pressure . It seems that there is no public pressure forced to maximize profits with iPhone 5C. iPhone 5C can become one of the weapons to attack Apple smartphone segment Samsung is less than hegemony. Although still able to keep the “fire” in the premium segment with the iPhone 5S.

Some users said that if the intermediate segment must choose between an iPhone and Android devices are cheaper to reach 1,000,000 choose iPhone. But 5C iPhone here costs more than other intelligent means. The difference iPhone 5C so high that only wins coming from Android competitors.

Recalling again the iPhone 5C still succeed. But Apple really missed the opportunity to compete with Android smartphone or simple intermediate step is fraught with Android. Apple’s move is probably a little mean.

As the company has diversified acceptable colors for small business products sold cheaper than 5C iPhone is ready to jump into the race with Samsung, Nokia and Sony.

But Apple seems to want to make more money from their marks but the bags are still a lot of money, instead of sacrificing a little profit to consolidate its current position.

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