Apple Rumors To Release MacBook Air Redesigned

Apple Will Release Redesign MacBook Air 12 Inch: Apple is rumored to plan the release of a new laptop, the MacBook Air.
Apple Rumors To Release MacBook Air RedesignedThis device appears with a fanless cooling system, slim design and 12 inch screen.

MacBook Air is Apple’s most affordable at $999 for the 11 inch model portable option. The MacBook Air is known for the slim design that tapers to a point on the edge and the light weight and long duration battery.

The 13 inch MacBook Air is rated at 12 hours of battery life and routine delivery this day all the computing power in the real world, while at the same time more processor intensive tasks like video editing soft when needed.

Apple is now extending beyond the product variants of the 13-inch MacBook Air 11 inch. Sources revealed that the 12-inch MacBook Air will look thinner than current models of Apple laptops.

About the cooling system, this new model reportedly uses passive cooling, all of which are different from the MacBook Air models already exist That.

By the time the position is inactive , passive cooling systems work.

While this laptop is powered by a heavy workload Currently, the device can use a small fan for active cooling. Sources indicated that the 12 inch MacBook Air will launch this year. It is likely that this latest version of the laptop along with the updated MacBook Pro.

Look for a new MacBook Air release time soon , there is no specific date set purpose. The source claims that Apple is scheduling a 12-inch screen in the body 11.6-inch MacBook Air , all of which is enough of a change that is likely Apple will announce this on stage at an event, rather to put it on sale with little fanfare.

No Apple event scheduled for 2014 to date, although we expect an Apple event in June to show iOS 8 which offers a course to share a new model of MacBook Air 2014.

If Apple announced the device at an event in early June, expect a new version of the MacBook Air in a few days.

If Apple plans a mid 2014 announcement of the launch date of the new MacBook Air that we could get a good idea as soon as late April when the company typically announces WWDC event When the MacBook Air took the last course in 2013.

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