Best Apps To Sell On Facebook

Best Applications To Sell On Facebook: First came the e-commerce, m-commerce and now the f-commerce also known as selling on Facebook.
Best Apps To Sell On FacebookRecently, the network has announced a plan to allow users to purchase items using your Facebook account but this product is not available to users.

So while Facebook provides a comprehensive, highlighting the four applications that will help you sell on this platform:

1. BeeTailer:

If you already have an online shop with services like Magento, Amazon, Webstore, Shopify and PrestaShop you can create your store on Facebook with Beetailer application.

Get information automatically from your current product catalog so you do not need to list them. Just select the items you want to display and label Beetailer creates a customizable center in place. When customers purchase, are redirected to the store so you can keep your information in one place. Beetailer offers a variety of promotional tools and sharing options for social controllable.

Beetailer is free for up to 50 products. The $50 Pro version handles up to 500 items and promotions limitless. There is also a U.S. plan U.S. $100 and $300 for a larger inventory and functionality.

2. BigCommerce:

If you have an online store, Bigcommerce is an all in one. From plans $ 24.95 per month, you can create a deposit of 100 articles online and connect it to your Facebook page with the SocialShop application.

As Beetailer , the application obtains the product catalog information.

But Bigcommerce, the consumer who buys on Facebook stays on Facebook. The customer can complete your transaction by checking out without leaving the page. No fees or bandwidth limitations in transactions.

The monthly price increases only when you add more products to the store. You pay $ 39.95 for 500 products and U.S. $ 299.95 unlimited storage products.

3. ShopTab:

ShopTab is the Facebook application that is implemented as a tag on your fan page. You can connect to your current online store but also functions as a store only if you prefer to sell only on this network. The first installation is quick and easy, and then just load their products with a management tool. If you do not have an e-commerce provider, you can manage your sales with PayPal.

Bet af -commerce using these low-cost applications that allow operations to catalogs and social networks.

If you sell internationally, ShopTab supports 50 currencies and almost any language. For only in Facebook, ShopTab has a list of social tools including publications on Pinterest and Twitter as well as the ability to share items on the wall and a performance of  ask your friends.

Plans start from $ 10 a month for 500 products. The Ultimate plan costs $20 and includes a maximum of 5,000 articles and a Fan Gate which requires the person to get Like before buying.

ShopTab also has a sister named SharedDeal application for quick sales and shops daily promotions. Product pages include a clock and can be set only to fans for $ 14.95 a month.

4. SoldSie:

Instead of adding a store label, Soldsie sell their products through Facebook messages. Upload a photo , price and description Soldsie council and then schedule your event. At the specified time, the item will appear on your Facebook page as any message. To purchase the item, use Facebook Connect users to access the application and then write “Sold” in the comments. After Soldise send a PayPal invoice and when you pay for shipping the product.

Soldsie The disadvantage is that the unusual format can be confusing for customers. People are accustomed to use shopping carts on starting line and procedures so you might feel uncomfortable writing a comment for ordering.

The advantage is that Soldsie allows you to have your first $700 counter.

After that, take the commission of three percent for each sale. There is no monthly fee or cost to start so it is ideal for beginners or artisans selling unique items.

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