Best Smartphone Game Apps

Best Games For Tablets and Smartphones: Gamers will think the mobile phone can become an effective tool for game support?

The publishers and game developers are finding that more and more smartphones and tablets more potential, so many applications that support the game play control via smartphone appeared.

Many gamers enjoy knowing that their smart crickets can become a second screen bring unmatched experience to know the reality game shows. Thus, though still in the testing process, Application developers increasingly supporting more confident about his place in the smartphone market and the tablet.

Here are some applications that support the game has been storming the market.

Call of Duty

Call of DutyCall of Duty App 1 is really fun and exciting experience for the devotees of the game. Only one word can be used to describe, which is handy. With this program players will be free to customize your character load out and your class, then logged on user account in the game to play next time.

If the player is not really happy with creative ability to manage his or clan is still time for any reason without even Call of Duty install the app on your phone to explore all of the features found in That?

Mass Effect Datapad (has been removed)

Mass Effect DatapadNo doubt, Mass Effect is the best representative for the 7th generation consoles. A perfect combination between style RPG with shooter style tradition. The plot is rich, diverse multi-class character personality with vague moral perspective depending on how the player controls how Shepard was interesting points of the game. Like Dungeons and Dragons manuals, through Codex, Bioware has brought a vast world to unleash the player to explore, from the tactical battles in outer space to alien anatomy.

However, this information was not given to the player with ease. Decoding sifted the tiny text in the handbook indeed very uncomfortable for the eyes. Fortunately, EA has launched an app to solve this problem. Of course, players can play the mini game “Galaxy at War” comes on this application, but the fans “hardware” of the game, the history lockup Turian or Salarian political doctrine more important. Unfortunately, this app has been removed in June 2013.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Companion

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag CompanionApp support for Assassin’s Creed IV provides functional miniature map of the game world. A special feature here is a mini game to interact with the Assassin’s Creed IV called Kenway’s Fleet, a game where players will have to operate in the maritime trade. Most tasks are quite simple and can move players earn their money into their characters on the console via Ubisoft account.

Also the most useful thing of this app is AC4 world map allows users to search every nook and cranny by heart, and if you are lucky they can find a decent account through a treasure map.

Battlefield 4 Commander Conquest

Battlefield 4 Commander ConquestBattlefield 4 Commander Conquest mode of Battlefield 4 will not have place for gamers to be able to increase the rate of kill / death of the individual himself, because the main task of this mode is accounted for and maintain key weak point on the battlefield. This requires the ability to coordinate the team’s chemistry is not the place to show off the skills of each individual and solo than the one the captain. Because of this reason, Commander app for BF4 born.

With this app, players can range from on high, to grasp the situation of his team. The above observation helps commanders of each team can drop resupply crates teammate, detect enemy movements and change the course of the entire battle if it is really commanding a talented.

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