Dark Souls 3 Bosses and How to Defeat Them

This page contains information about all Dark Souls 3 Bosses and guides on how to defeat them as well info guide about where they are located.

Like all previous Dark Souls games, Dark Souls 3 became famous for their challenging fights that often lead even the most experienced players countless lives to defeat its bosses. Most of these enemies will be necessary in your quest to find the Lords of Cinder and return them to their thrones, but there are optional encounters too.

All Dark Souls 3 Bosses and Defeat Guide

Following are the all Dark Souls 3 Bosses and their video guides.

Iudex Gundyr

This is the very first boss in the game, he is at the location of the Ashes Cemetery. He guards the entrance to the Temple of Fire, comes to life as soon as a sword is drawn from his chest.


  • Coiled Sword

Vordt of the Boreal Valley

The boss is located in the high wall of Lothrick. After entering the square by the cathedral, go down the stairs and go to the huge bent gate. Vordt guards the transition point to Undead Settlement.


  • Cold Valley Wardt’s Soul

Curse rotted Greatwood

Optional boss. Located in the courtyard of the monastery in the Undead Settlement. From the bonfire Cliff foot – down the slope to the steps and passage in the door. From the bonfire the dilapidated bridge is right across the cemetery and further along the wall to the boss.


  • Soul of the Rotting Great Tree
  • Transposing kiln

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Crystal Sage

Crystal Sage is the fourth of the many bosses you will fight in Dark Souls 3. The Crystal Sage is located near the bonfire of Crucifixion Woods. The boss is hidden behind the forest area that is full of wizards.


  • Soul of a Crystal Sage

Deacons of the Deep

This boss is just a large group of standard enemies. They will receive greater damage from almost all forms of magic, however, they are resistant to Pyromancy and Dark.


  • Small Doll
  • Soul of the Deacons of the Deep

Abyss Watchers

The Abyss Watchers, one of the Cinder Lords, are the fifth of the many Chiefs in Dark Souls 3. This boss fight is beyond Farron Keep. You can only access after lighting the three torches by the door.


  • Cinders of a Lord
  • Soul of the Blood of the Wolf

High Lord Wolnir

The Great Lord Wolnir is the sixth of the many bosses in Dark Souls 3. The Great Lord is after the Carthus catacombs. You find him interacting with a skull sitting at a table, which sucks you into the Abyss.


  • Soul of High Lord Wolnir

Old Demon King

Due to his affinity with fire, the boss is quite resistant to pyromancy. However, he is not a fan of Sorcerers and Miracles, and physical damage seems to hit him in normal amounts.


  • Soul of the Old Demon King

Pontiff Sulyvahn

The great pontiff Sulyvahn is the seventh of the chiefs required in Dark Souls 3.

The pontiff is located in Irithyll of the boreal valley. Since he’s a mandatory boss, you can’t skip him.


  • Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn

Aldrich Devourer of Gods

The second of the Lords of Cinder, Aldrich Devourer of the Gods, is one of the main bosses in Dark Souls 3. Aldrich is located within Anor Londo. He is a mandatory boss and as such cannot be omitted.


  • Cinders of a Lord
  • Soul of Aldrich

Yhorm the Giant

The third Lord of Cinders, Yhorm the Giant is one of the main bosses in Dark Souls 3. Yhorm is in the Profaned Capital and is a mandatory boss, although reaching him takes you out of the main path briefly.


  • Cinders of a Lord
  • Soul of Yhorm the Giant

Dancer of the Boreal Valley

The Boreal Valley Dancer is one of the main bosses you must face if you want to progress in the world of Dark Souls 3. The Dancer is located in the area of the High Wall of Lothric. You will be teleported directly here after defeating the third Lord of Cinder, who, depending on your path, may be Aldrich, Devourer of Gods or Yhorm the Giant.


  • Soul of the Dancer of the Boreal Valley

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Oceiros The Consumed King

The crazy fallen king known as Oceiros the Consumed King, is one of the few optional bosses in Dark Souls 3. Oceiros is located in the Garden of the Consumed King. He is an optional boss, and as such can be skipped when completing the main game.


  • Soul of Oceiros The Consumed King

Dragon Slayer Armour

The armor known as the Dragon Slayer Armor is one of the main bosses in Dark Souls 3. The Dragon Slayer’s Armor is located in Lothric Castle. He is a mandatory boss, and as such cannot be omitted.


  • Soul of Dragon slayer Armour

Champion Gundyr

Champion Gundyr is one of the few optional bosses in Dark Souls 3. Gundyr is an optional boss fight found in the Untended Tombs.


  • Soul of Champion Gundyr

Lorian-Elder Prince and Lothric-Younger Prince

The twin princes known as Lorian-Elder Prince and Lothric-Younger Prince are the fourth Lord of Cinder, and one of the main bosses in Dark Souls 3. The Princes are located in Lothric Castle at the top of the Great Archives and are a mandatory boss fight.


  • Cinders of a Lord
  • Soul of the Twin Princes

Ancient Wyvern

The Ancient Wyvern is one of the few optional bosses in Dark Souls 3. This boss is in Archdragon Peak, and is an optional boss.


  • Dragon Head Stone

Nameless King

The nameless King is one of the optional bosses in Dark Souls 3. This boss appears on Archdragon Peak, after ringing the big bell. The King is an optional boss, and does not need to be defeated to complete the game.


  • Soul of The Nameless King

Soul of Cinder

The Soul of Cinder is the last of the bosses you’ll face in Dark Souls 3. The Soul of Cinder is in the Furnace of the First Flame, and can only be reached once the 4 Lords of Cinder have been defeated, and the flame is attached to the Bonfire of the Fire Link Sanctuary.


  • Soul of the Lords

Stray Demon

The Stray Demon is an optional boss found in Dark Souls 3. You can find this Street Demon over the Farron area. Go to the bonfire Old Wolf of Farron and climb the elevator. You will see the devil in the distance.


  • Soul of the Stray Demon

Fire Demon

The Fire Demon is an optional boss for which you will be forced to walk while heading to the Burning Lake. He can strike quite hard, but with well-synchronized dodges, you can get out of the way of his swinging weapon. What can complicate the fight are the skeletons in the area. Consider anyone who is alive.

A fun twist, the skeletons will sometimes become aggressive to the boss and help you kill him.


  • Soul of A Demon

Great Sand Worm

The Great Sand Worm is a beast found in the Burning Lake of Dark Souls 3. It will appear when you turn to the head of the Old Demon King.

The easiest way to kill him is to run after him. The worm can’t turn around, so it will never hit you. While you’re back here, stop so that the giant ballista that is shooting also hits the worm. Let it keep shooting, and you’ll have an easy death.


  • The Lightning Stake spell

Outrider Beast

The Outrider Beast is a creature with which you can fight in two places within Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. The first is when you cross the main bridge. It will appear behind you and try to kill you. It is extremely powerful, but if you hit his head several times, you will stun him, which will allow you to run and react for massive damage.

The second location is in a secret room just after the fight of Pontiff Sulyvahn. You must kill two of them this time, to access the Faithful Covenant of Aldrich.



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