Estimations and Recognition About Applications On App Stores

Recognition Of Apps In Online Stores: App Store or Google Play as two of the app store mobile huge and popular today with the number of applications giant.
Iphone Applications On App StoresOn each of these app stores, the company will own the design of each item on the list that highlights applications, the latest or the most downloaded.

Moreover, in specific time periods of per week, per month or per year, the editorial team of app stores also picked out an application to honor and discounts for users to free download. This gives the benefit of three parties, the rise of downloads for the company, the user adds the useful application developer is also becoming more popular.

In addition, the effects occurred after the application was honored. Luis von Ahn and his development team have received email from Apple in mid-December with the content “You get ready okay”. A few days later, honoring Apple app Duolingo written by von Ahn is the best app for the iPhone in 2013.

Duolingo language learning app was released for iOS in late 2012 and has been honored in each category before. Downloads of Duolingo surge from 80 thousand / day before becoming the iPhone app of the year amounted to hundreds of thousands of downloads in the following days.

Not only downloads that effect also increases the amount of new users to the app Duolingo 500 thousand increase from 17/12. As a result Duolingo now has over 20 million registered users to use, up from 15 million in the statistics at the end of November. “We often do not know what is happening.

They (Apple) do whatever they want,” Von Ahn shared after Duolingo was named iPhone app of the year. Duolingo addition, the weekly, monthly and every year there are many applications that are selected to honor. Every Thursday, Apple’s editorial team will select nominees for applications on the App Store next week. Of course this team work silently and in secret, so as not to alert the application’s developers know that.

The exception is when Apple needs illustration or detailed description when selecting applications for five categories of apps then developers will be notified in advance.

“No doubt, anyone want to place first in the list of featured apps”, Dan Counsell, Realmac Software founder (write applications company Clear) share.” If your application at No. 2 or No. 3, the downloads will be significantly reduced, even very small differences.” Matt Galligan, owners of news applications on mobile Circa agrees with that view when that little extra downloads after application to be honored but not outstanding.

In the second half of last December, Apple Circa be listed in the list of the best apps in 2013 but users rarely scroll down below to see the application below.

The result is increased only 2.75 times the Circa downloads, a negligible increase. In contrast, in the week that Circa released update 2.0 with many new features in October, Apple listed it No. 1 in the App Store and downloads increased by 59 times compared to normal.

To celebrate the 5th birthday of the App Store in 7/2013 Apple co-operation with a number of developers to provide 10 paid applications absolutely free for 1 week. The first day, a newspaper app costs $4.99 and it was honored to be up 2.8 million downloads in one week there. In contrast, when sold at $ 4.99, it was only 700 thousand downloads since its launch in 2012. The effect of it is not profitable for the developer but their brand is better known.

Much like Apple, Google Play also nominated for the honor and highlight the application and worthwhile. However, some developers do not share it giving effect increases as downloads on the App Store. Von Ahn noticed the change when Duolingo be honored on Google Play is far less than the iOS platform.

“The amount of people who use our platform in both the App Store are the same but better structure the application so honored prominent than Google Play.” Effect will still maintain later on when the which shall be honored.

After a while, Duolingo only about 110 thousand downloads a day but it is still higher than 80 thousand per day before it was to honor Apple.

“We expect to be honored after the application will return to the same location but no, we are at a slightly higher position. Many people know about us, the more people will talk to each other about the application of us more” Von Ahn said.

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