Facebook Continually Facing Penalties: Asian Risks

Facebook Continually Facing Penalties From Various Countries: The largest social network in the world is facing multiple penalties for governments to collect data and control user information.

Immediately after the incident of near death in Thailand, Facebook continues to encounter many troubles throughout Europe and Asia. The rapid growth of the planet’s largest social network is threatening the security and politics of many governments.

Facebook’s boss, Mark Zuckerberg, is also facing the dilemma of controlling the content posted on his own social network.

Asian Risks

Governments in Asia are increasingly tightening censorship of content posted on social networks in general and Facebook in particular. Especially those countries with a lot of political turmoil.

The Thai criminal court has recently sent an email to CEO Mark Zuckerberg to request removal of allegedly unlawful posts. In response to a request from the government, a Facebook representative in Thailand has removed some of the content as requested.

Shortly thereafter, under pressure from the government, the Tanzania Internet Service Providers Association (TISPA) had to give an ultimatum to Facebook if it did not want to be shut down in Asia’s most potential market. The reason is that Facebook does not remove all government-mandated posts.

A month ago, the Vietnamese government also asked Facebook to cooperate on the removal of false information, account forgery of individuals and organizations, especially accounts for the senior leaders of the Party and House country.

During his work with the local government, Facebook representatives expressed their willingness to cooperate. However, their policy is to keep the content posted by the user. Information deemed to be contrary to local law will be considered removed.

Soon, the largest social network in the world has increased 3,000 viewers to censor content after user incidents in Thailand.

In the live video, a father killed his 11-month-old daughter and committed suicide. Unfortunately, the video has been around for too long before being removed.

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