Latest guidelines announced by Facebook for publishers

In order to create a transparent environment on Facebook for news feed content ranking, the company today publicized a new set of guidelines for all publishers.

Adam Mosseri

During an announcement today at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, Adam Mosseri, Head of the Facebook News Feed, said that these guidelines are meant to provide standards that are clearer about what works and what doesn’t on our platform.

No substantive changes occur in these guidelines regarding news feed policy for publishers, but you can see all rules under one roof. Mosseri said: “We don’t want to say something that’s going to change over time”. The guidelines comprises some of the advice Facebook has formerly given, seeing that the company reduces content that is “clickbait,” for example low-quality or misleading web pages. To find out the chances that a user will read the whole story or not, the company has used similar signs, called “signals”.

The guidelines also highlighted the policies regarding the types of content it allows, observing that any kind of violence or hate speech are forbidden. Earlier in September, Facebook announced that it would ban any content that portrays violence and misfortune, even in the case of news.

During this proclamation, Mosseri also talked about a controversial test Facebook was endeavoring in six countries, which separated some News Feed content from publishers into a secondary feed, confining readership. He added: “I think we could communicated it better”. But the company is having no plans to magnify the test.

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