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The social network on Monday announced the launch of a new Messenger Kids application, which allows you to exchange messages on Facebook. For the first time, the company allowed children under the age of 13 to officially attend any of their platforms.

Messenger Kids is a stripped down version of a regular Messenger application, but with a bunch of additional parent controls. Children can exchange messages, video calls, emoticons, GIF files and stickers with people on the friends list (approved by their parents). The application is now available to iPhone users in the United States.

But since this is a stand-alone service, Messenger Kids accounts are handled differently than a regular Facebook account. There is no advertising, and Facebook says that it will not transfer data from Messenger Kids to advertisers.

The social network also did everything possible to turn off Messenger Kids accounts on Facebook pages. The only people who have the opportunity to see a children’s account are their parents’ friends.

The main features of the program are listed below:

  • The Messenger Kids account must be linked to an existing Facebook account.
  • Parents approve all requests of friends through their own Facebook account.
  • Adults should be Facebook friends with the child’s parent if they want to write to the child.
  • If another child in Messenger Kids wants to chat, the parents of both children should be friends of Facebook.
  • Parents are notified if the child blocks someone else’s account.

In addition, Facebook has a special team of reviewers who monitor reports from Messenger Kids accounts. The company also uses software that can automatically detect certain types of content, for example, nudity, and prevent its sharing in the application.

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