Facebook Messenger Down In Americas, Europe and Asia

Twiter Screen Shoot

Mobile users cannot send messages through Messenger, while computer users can not even see the message history.
At 11:30 on November 4, many users reported that Facebook Messenger could not be reached. This situation affects both mobile users and computers.

“About 30 minutes I can not send the message even though I can still view the old messages,” said Lam Tam, a resident of Dong Nai province, who had trouble using the Facebook Messenger application.

The Down detector tool shows Facebook has crashed in many countries in the Americas, Europe and parts of Asia.
This situation on Facebook computer is even more serious when many people do not even view the message history.

“The white chat box does not show any information at all. I think this is the effect of the storm,” said Tung, resident of District 3 (HCM City) similar situation when accessing Facebook from his computer.

Although Messenger has a major problem, Facebook’s social network is still working. The state of urgent, shared about this incident is still posted densely on the timeline.

“Many people predict that the impact of Hurricane Damrey, but I think this is a new update of the Messenger, because if the impact of the storm, Facebook will also affect not just the message application,” Mai Thanh Phu – who share Facebook services.

This incident also took place in many countries such as the United States, Australia, Singapore. The twitter social networking site is also constantly posted by users with this hashtag #FacebookDown.

The closest Facebook has come to the big error and the big impact is on October 11th. However, the error then affected only a few users, not the same as this time.

In 2014, Facebook also had similar problems. At that time, many Americans were frightened to call the police hotline 911, according to the  Los Angeles Times. “Facebook is not a legal issue, so do not call us when it goes down, we do not know when Facebook will work again”

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