Fallout 4 Console Commands and Cheats

In this article, we have listed all types of Fallout 4 console commands. The coolest console commands for Fallout 4 will turn you into a thirty-meter supersonic monster.

Console Commands Fallout 4.1

A few Fallout 4 cheats will allow you to materialize any item or NPC from the air or become immortal. By pressing the tilde key (~) you will open the console – the path to superpowers, creating weapons and monsters, changing parameters and attributes, speeding up time and passing the game with one press of the Enter key.

Just activate the console, enter the desired command, press Enter, close the console again and observe the effect of your command. If the tilde key (to the left of number 1 on the main keyboard) does not work, try the apostrophe key. The keys may differ for different language settings.

Cheats and Console Commands Fallout 4


Fallout 4 Console Commands

Below is the list of console commands and cheats separated by their types.

tgm – Good old “god mode”. Immortality.

tcl – Disable obstacles. Go through the walls. Walk to heaven. Be free.

tfc – Activate a free camera.

tfc 1 – Similar to the previous one, but with the freezing of all animations. Great for screenshots.

tm – Turn on or off the menu and interface. Even the console becomes invisible, so to turn on the interface again, you need to press the tilde again and enter the tm command blindly.

csb – Relieve blood and damage effects.

fov [FOV from the first person] [FOV from the third person] – change the FOV (field of view angle).

set timescale to [speed] – Acceleration or deceleration of time. The default speed value is 16. 1 – real time, 10,000 – crazy acceleration. Be sure to watch how, under accelerated time, the sun and moon rush across the sky.

coc [id of place] – Teleports a player to a given place.

Example: coc RedRocketExt


Fallout 4 Console Commands for Item and Npcs IDs

For many teams, you will need to know the identifiers (IDs) of items, NPCs, as well as the names of locations and fractions. If you click on a character or item with the console open, you’ll see its ID. In addition, many teams act on the selected character – on which you clicked. Sometimes getting the correct ID is quite difficult (you can choose yourself accidentally), so try using the free camera mode (tfc command). There is also a search for commands and identifiers. Below are Fallout 4 console commands for defining item identifiers and Npcs:

help [item name] [0-4] – Search for items, characters, teams and other information. To scroll, use the Page Up and Page Down keys. The number 0 sets the search for any information.

Example: help “attack dog” 0 will show you that there is an NPC called “attack dog” with identifier 000B2BF2. When searching for two or more words, be sure to use quotation marks.

coc qasmoke – Teleports you to a room with several drawers in which all the items available in the game lie. It gives away surrealism, but it is very convenient for searching for item IDs. Open the console and just click on the desired item with the mouse. It turns out item is actually 0001d162.


Fallout 4 Console Commands for Character Changing

Below are Fallout 4 console commands for character change:

showlooksmenu player 1 – Opens the character settings menu to change your appearance. For this, it is most convenient to place the character’s face in the center of the screen.

player.setrace [race ID] – Change the player’s race (for example, ghoul, mutant). The race ID can be found using the help command, but be prepared for side effects (choosing most races will just crash).

Example: player.setrace GhoulRace – become a ghoul

player.resethealth – Restore maximum health

setgs fJumpHeightMin [number] – Setting jump parameters. To jump above buildings like the Hulk, set the number higher. Caution – if you do not turn on the god mode, you can die from falling from the height of your own jump.

tdetect – AI can no longer detect you. Steal for your pleasure.

player.modav [skill] [number] – Increase the skill by a given number of units. For example, player.modav strength 10 will increase strength by 10. If you want to hack a terminal or persuade an NPC, use this command. However, if you need to unlock abilities, use the following command.

player.setav [variable] [value] – Set a new value for the character parameter. Unlike modav, this command unlocks abilities.

player.setav speedmult [coefficient] – The entered coefficient increases the speed of your run with amazing consequences. To become a real superhero, use along with god mode and the next command.

player.setlevel [level] – Set a given character level.

player.additem 0000000f [quantity] – Give the character a given number of caps.

player.additem 0000000a [quantity] – Give the character a given number of studs.

player.additem [Item ID] [quantity] – Most likely, you have already noticed this structure in the two previous commands. Yes, you can give your character ANY amount of ANY items if you know their ID (how to find them out, described above).


Fallout 4 Console Commands for DLC Weapons

Below are Fallout 4 console commands for DLC weapons:

Assaultron blade – xx008B8E

Mr. Handy buzzsaw – xx0020F8

Salvaged assaultron head – xx0100B7

Tesla rifle – xx003E07

Note : Exchange xx with 01 or 02.

We added almost all Fallout 4 console commands and cheat codes so you can enjoy your gameplay. We recommend you to bookmark this page in your internet browser for reference while having fun.


Fallout 4 Console Commands for Npc Management

Below are Fallout 4 console commands for NPC management:

tai – Disables AI and makes everyone freeze with a missing expression.

tcai – Disables combat AI. Brings the world to the game. A dull, boring world.

killall – Kill everyone in sight except your companions and other too tenacious characters. In this case, they will lie wounded until you give them a stimulant.

kill [identifier] – Kills a creature with the given identifier. Enter kill (0017fda3), and the wild ghoul on which we tested this command will drop dead, wherever they are. You can simply click on the character with the console open and type “kill.”

resurrect [identifier] – Returns a creature with the given identifier to life. The resurrect command (0017fda3) will resurrect the wild ghoul from the previous example. He has a hard day. You can select a dead NPC with the console open and enter “resurrect”. If you resurrect an NPC without a head, it will come to life without it.

recycleactor – Reset a character.

setscale [number from 1 to 10] – Enlarges you or the selected target. The result is shown in the picture below.

Cheats and Console Commands Fallout 4

sexchange – Sex change. Absolutely unpredictable. Works on any chosen target, although it may not work with unique characters.

getav CA_affinity – Get the sympathy level of the current companion.

setav CA_affinity [number] – Set the sympathy level of the current companion to a given value.

modav CA_affinity [number] – Increase the sympathy level of the current companion by a given number. May not work.

unequipall – Select all items from the selected NPC.


Fallout 4 Console Commands for Fractions Changing

Below are Fallout 4 console commands for changing fractions:

player.AddToFaction [Faction ID] [0 or 1] – Become an ally of the faction. If you remove the “player” prefix, the command will affect the selected NPC. 0 – friendly, 1 – ally.

Example: run the command player.AddToFaction 00028670 1 to become an ally of the beetles.

player.RemoveFromFaction [fraction ID] – Remove yourself from the fraction. Without the prefix, “player” acts on the selected NPC.

removefromallfactions – Remove the selected target from all fractions.

setally [fraction ID] [fraction ID] [0 or 1] [0 or 1] – Make two fractions friendly (0) or allied (1).

setenemy [Fraction ID] [Fraction ID] [0 or 1] [0 or 1] – Make two fractions neutral (0) or enemies (1).


Fallout 4 Cheats for Passing The Game

Below are Fallout 4 cheats for passing the game:

completeallobjectives [quest ID] – Complete all current tasks in the quest.

resetquest [quest ID] – Reset the quest.

completequest [quest ID] – Complete the quest.

caqs – completes all stages of the main story quest, actually passing the game.

ATTENTION: do not use this command if you do not want to get spoilers.


How to Use The player.additem Cheats?

First, Just open the Fallout 4 Games Console
Then input the code player.additem [item code] [amount]
Change the [item code] together with the proper item code in the below listing and [amount] together with the quantity of the item you want to enter your inventory.
EXAMPLE — player.additem 000731a4 500


Fallout 4 PC General Item Cheats

Below are Fallout 4 cheats for general items:

Bottlecap – player.additem 0000000F

Stimpak – player.additem 00023736

Rad Away – player.additem 00023742

Fusion Core – player.additem 00075FE4

Nuka-Cola Quantum – player.additem 0004835F


Fallout 4 Cheats for Items Crafting

Below are Fallout 4 cheats for items crafting:

Acid – player.additem 001bf72d

Antiseptic – player.additem 001bf72f

Asbestos – player.additem 000aec5c

Ceramic – player.additem 000aec5e

Concrete – player.additem 00106d99

Cloth – player.additem 000aec5f

Adhesive – player.additem 001bf72e

Aluminium – player.additem 0006907a

Circuitry – player.additem 0006907b

Copper – player.additem 0006907c

Cork – player.additem 000aec60

Crystal – player.additem 0006907d

Fiber Optics – player.additem 00069087

Fiber Glass – player.additem 000aec61

Gear – player.additem 0006907e

Glass – player.additem 00069085

Gold – player.additem 000aec62

Nuclear Material – player.additem 00069086

Oil – player.additem 001bf732

Plastic – player.additem 0006907f

Rubber – player.additem 00106d98

Screw – player.additem 00069081

Silver – player.additem 000aec66

Spring – player.additem 00069082

Leather – player.additem 000aec64

Lead – player.additem 000aec63

Wood – player.additem 000731a3

Steel – player.additem 000731a4

Crystal – player.additem 0006907d


Fallout 4 Cheats for Crop

Below are Fallout 4 cheats for crops:

Mutfruit – player.additem 33102

Carrot – player.additem F742E

Corn – player.additem 330F8

Gourd – player.additem EF24D

Melon – player.additem FAFEB

Razorgrain – player.additem E0043

Tato – player.additem 9DCC4


Fallout 4 Cheats for Armor

Below are Fallout 4 cheats for armor:

Army Helmet – player.additem 00023432

Engineer’s Armor – player.additem 000DEDE7

Field Scribe’s Armor – player.additem 000E370E

Bomber Jacket – player.additem 000E1AF6

Flight Helmet – player.additem 000E1AF8

BOS Uniform – player.additem 000DEDEB

BOS Hood – player.additem 000E1A39

BOS Officer Uniform – player.additem 00134294

Combat Armor Left Arm – player.additem 0011D3C7

Combat Armor Right Arm – player.additem 0011D3C6

Combat Armor Helmet – player.additem 0011E2C8

Combat Armor Left Leg – player.additem 0011D3C5

Combat Armor Right Leg – player.additem 0011D3C4

Combat Armor Chest Piece – player.additem 0011D3C3

Gas Mask with Goggles – player.additem 001184C1

Hard Hat – player.additem 000F6D86

Hazmat Suit – player.additem 000CEAC4

Leather Left Arm – player.additem 0007B9C7

Leather Right Arm – player.additem 0007B9C3

Leather Left Leg – player.additem 0007B9C4

Road Leathers – player.additem 0004A53B

Metal Left Arm – player.additem 0004B933

Raider Power Left Arm – player.additem 00140C52

Raider Power Right Arm – player.additem 00140C53

Raider Power Helm – player.additem 00140C54

X-01 Left Arm – player.additem 00154AC3

Railroad Armored Coat Mk V – player.additem 001BBCB9

Institute Lab Coat – player.additem 0011E7B9

Surgical Mask – player.additem 000787DA


Fallout 4 Cheats for Ammo

Below are Fallout 4 cheats for ammo:

Shotgun Shell – player.additem 0001F673

Shotgun Shell – player.additem 00245D68

Railway Spike – player.additem 000FE269

Plasma Cartridge – player.additem 0001DBB7

Missile – player.additem 000CABA3

Mini Nuke – player.additem 000E6B2E

Gamma Round – player.additem 000DF279

Fusion Cell – player.additem 000C1897

Fusion Cell – player.additem 00245D69

Flamer Fuel – player.additem 000CAC78

Cryo Cell – player.additem 0018ABE2

Cannonball – player.additem 000FD11C

Alien Blaster Round – player.additem 001025AA

5mm Round – player.additem 0001F66C

5.56 Round – player.additem 0001F278

2mm Electromagnetic Cartridge – player.additem 0018ABDF

10mm Round – player.additem 0001F276

10mm Round – player.additem 00245D6A

.50 Caliber – player.additem 0001F279

.45 Round – player.additem 00245D6B

.44 Round – player.additem 0009221C

.38 Round – player.additem 0004CE87

.308 Round – player.additem 00245D53


Fallout 4 Cheats for Weapon

Below are Fallout 4 cheats for weapon:

Minigun – player.additem 0001F669

Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher – player.additem 000BD56F

Flamer – player.additem 000E5881

Gatling Laser – player.additem 000E27BC

Missile Launcher – player.additem 0003F6F8

Power Fist – player.additem 0011B336

Revolutionary Sword – player.additem 00143AB5

Railway Rifle – player.additem 000FE268

Submachine Gun – player.additem 0015B043

Combat Shotgun – player.additem 0014831C

Walking Cane – player.additem 000FDC7D

Ripper – player.additem 000FA2F6

Alien Blaster – player.additem 000FF995

Assault Rifle – player.additem 0000463F

Chinese Officer Sword – player.additem 00147BE4

Combat Knife – player.additem 000913CA

Combat Rifle – player.additem 000DF42E

Cryolator – player.additem 00171B2B

Gamma Gun – player.additem 000DDB7C

LibertyPrime Laser – player.additem 00110414

Laser Musket – player.additem 0001DACF

Hunting Rifle – player.additem 0005BBA4

Gauss Rifle – player.additem 000D1EB0

Deathclaw Gauntlet – player.additem 000D8576

Syringer – player.additem 0014D09E

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