Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands and Cheats

In this article, you will find the most complete list for Fallout: New Vegas console commands and cheats for armor, weapons and skills.

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After the release of the third part of Fallout expected by all, the community of fans divided into two camps – one liked the transition of the series from isometric to full-fledged 3D and an increase in the number of action, while the second accepted the changes in hostility, considering the project unsuccessful and not suitable for the classics.

Due to the abundance of conflicting opinions about the game, it was decided to entrust the next part of the Obsidian Entertainment studio, which has already earned the recognition of fans of high-quality role-playing games with its creations in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars: The Old Republic. A lot of mistakes were taken into account and the result was a highly praised game by critics, which is played by more than 6 thousand people at the same time (10 years after the release and after the release of Fallout 4 and Fallout 76).

Someone prefers to enjoy the original version of the game in the form in which the developers presented it, someone installs modifications or creates his own. One way or another, many may need console commands that allow you to get advantages in gameplay or change the conditions in a game session. This article will present all the available cheat codes, conveniently sorted into categories. Also, if you play The Witcher: Wild Hunt, you should also check our Witcher 3 console commands.


How to Use Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands?

To activate console codes, as in most modern games, the developer’s console is used – it is called by clicking on the tilde “~” key. To apply the command, it is enough to write the desired sequence of characters in the proposed line and press Enter.

Note! Fans of cheat codes in the game Fallout: New Vegas face a number of problems – unexpected crashes, scripts failing at certain moments and the inability to get Steam achievements (the latter is relevant only for owners of a licensed version). Solving these problems is quite simple. After using cheats and gaining benefits, you should save the game in a separate slot, exit the game and boot again. Achievements will begin to be credited, but only until the moment when you again do not want to enter the next console command.


Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands (Commonly Used)

Below are Fallout: New Vegas console commands most commonly used by players and are suitable for most gaming situations:

  • tgm – a divine mode that allows not only to receive invulnerability to any attacks of enemies and other types of damage, but also to get an infinite number of rounds of ammunition for available weapons.
  • CompleteQuest – code for the successful completion of the current mission.
  • tcl – classic Noclip. After entering the command, the character gains the ability to pass through any obstacles (for example, walls and closed doors).
  • AdvLevel – leveling the player’s level, with each entry, it increases by one.
  • AdvSkill – increase character skills.
  • player.additem 000000F [value] – allows you to get the specified number of caps (they are the internal currency in the post-apocalyptic world of the Fallout series).
  • rewardKarma [number] – a command to add a specified number of karma points.
  • player.sexChange – change the gender of the character on the go. It will come in handy if you suddenly change your mind after a couple of hours of the game and decide to recreate the hero, but do not want to lose the plot progress.
  • ShowNameMenu – opens access to the menu for selecting a character’s name right in the game.
  • ShowRaceMenu – displays a menu for selecting a character’s race.
  • setgs FMoveRunMult [number] – control the speed of your protagonist. The standard running speed in New Vegas is four by default, but you can either increase it or decrease it by operating with numbers in the range from 1 to 10. Important! To apply the changes, sit down and stand up (Ctrl by default).
  • setgs FJumpHeightMin [number] – similar to the previous paragraph. This command allows you to calibrate the height of the jumps. The default value is 64. But do not forget that if you jump too high, when you land, damage will be inflicted until the death. However, in combination with a cheat on the “regime of God” there will be absolutely nothing to worry about.
  • unlock – code to open any closed object (door, safe, terminal, etc.). To execute a command, select the indicated item with the mouse or in any other convenient way.
  • Lock [number] – the opposite of the opposite command, which allows you to protect the selected objects with the lock. Entering a value from 1 to 100 after the cheat, you choose the complexity of the mechanism for hacking (the higher the higher the level of skills required to overcome). And if the value exceeds 100 or less than 1, the lock will become unbreakable.
  • activate – activation code for the specified item.


Team Skills Development Console Commands

To develop your character’s skills, use the player.forceav [parameter] 20 command, where instead of the parameter you should substitute one of the cheats. Below are Fallout: New Vegas console commands for team skills development:

  • guns – leveling the skill of using firearms.
  • unarmed – hand-to-hand fighting skills.
  • lockpick – the ability to break locks.
  • science – the skill of science.
  • barter – boosting the skill of exchange (more favorable prices from merchants in the game world).
  • repair – the skill of the repairman.
  • explosives – skill in handling explosives.
  • survival – survival.
  • sneak – ability to covert movement.
  • speech – the skill of eloquence, affecting the presence of certain remarks in the dialogue of characters.
  • medicine – the talent of a physician.
  • energyweapons – leveling skill use of energy weapons.
  • meleeweapons – possession of contact battle tools (for example, batons and axes).


Console Commands for Attribute Development

They are entered similarly to those given in the previous list, but now cheat player.forceav [parameter] 100 is used. Again, you need to select a console command and substitute instead of “parameter”. Below is a list of Fallout: New Vegas console commands for attribute development:

  • luck – the character becomes more successful.
  • strength – increasing the attribute of the strength of your hero.
  • perception – improving the perception of the character.
  • intelligence – the hero’s intellectual abilities increase.
  • agility – boost dexterity.
  • endurance – increased stamina.
  • charisma – your hero will become more charismatic.
  • health – increase the number of character health points.
  • xp – increase experience.
  • karma – pumping the attribute of karma.
  • carryweight – increase the maximum allowable weight of items that the character carries in his inventory.
  • critchance – the larger this parameter, the more often the character will inflict critical damage with any of his attacks (both melee and ranged).
  • actionpoints – increase the number of action points.
  • meleedamage – increased damage done with melee weapons.
  • unarmeddamage – increased melee damage (when you are not using any weapons).
  • fireresist – resistance to the effects of fire.
  • energyresist – having pumped this skill, you will begin to receive less damage from hits from the energy type of weapons.
  • poisonresist – poisonous substances will no longer have such a strong effect on your protagonist.
  • damageresist – resistance to all types of attack damage.
  • radresist – resistance to the negative effects of radiation factors.


Reputation Cheat Codes

Everyone knows that in the game Fallout: New Vegas, characters can interact with several groups, complete their tasks and build a reputation. But nothing prevents the players from saving a little time and prescribing the appropriate team to instantly get the desired level of relationship – addreputation [identifier] [variable] [numerical value].

Instead of the identifier, you should specify one of the numerical sequences corresponding to the fraction you need. Instead of a variable, parameter 0 (negative reputation) or 1 (positive reputation).

The numerical value is the number of points by which you want to change your reputation. Below is a list of Fallout: New Vegas cheat codes for reputation:

  • FFAE8 – Bomb Faction identifier
  • 11E662 – Brotherhood of Steel ID
  • F43DD – Legion Faction
  • 124AD1 – Faction of the Minions of the Apocalypse
  • 129A7A – Freeside grouping
  • 104C22 – Good Springs
  • 11989B – fraction of the Great Khans
  • F43DE – NKR
  • 129A79 – Novak fraction identifier
  • 1558E6 – Demoman faction identifier
  • F2406 – fraction Primm
  • 118F61 – grouping Strip
  • 116F16 – White Glove company identifier


Character Manipulation Cheat Codes

This list below show several character manipulation cheat codes that allow you to make the necessary changes to the behavior of characters controlled by artificial intelligence, and other useful commands for interacting with NPCs.

  • prid ref_id – setting the identifier of the target. In fact, this function duplicates the selection with the mouse, so it makes sense to use it only in cases when for some reason you cannot click on the NPC (for example, it failed under the texture, but you need to kill it).
  • setessential base_id 1 – the specified NPC receives invulnerability to all types of damage.
  • equipitem base_id – equipment of the target character with specific equipment in the forced order (the required identifier is substituted for the ID). An important condition: the equipment must be in the inventory slot.
  • player.moveto [identifier] – the player instantly moves to the NPC with the specified identifier.
  • inv – view the contents of the inventory (a list of identifiers of items and consumables will also be indicated, which is very convenient when you need to urgently find a sequence of characters that is responsible for the desired thing).
  • moveto player – a cheat very similar to the player.moveto command, but working in the exact opposite way. Now the player is not teleported to the NPC, but the computer character is transferred to the player.
  • kill – kill the selected character. The game has many immortal quest characters that cannot be killed – the team acts on them only temporarily (they fall into a swoon and after a while get up).
  • resethealth – restore the health of the specified NPC (if you need to improve the health of the player himself, then use player.resethealth).
  • resurrect – resurrection of a character. After entering this command, not only the NPC is revived, but also its inventory is restored, relations with other NPCs and the player are reset. In addition, there is a reboot of artificial intelligence. It is because of the latter that modders often use this command to fix problems with dull companions.
  • tdetect (Toogle Detection) – enable / disable the ability to detect a player with a specified NPC / monster. The effect is somewhat reminiscent of the invisibility mode, but applicable only to a specific character.
  • tai (Toogle Artificial Intelligence) – enable / disable artificial intelligence. When AI is turned off, the character does not perform any actions, does not interact with his own kind and does not attack the player. The command is used in two ways: the first – when you select a specific target and the effect extends only to it, the second – a simple input of a cheat without highlighting. Then disabling AI will affect all the computer characters in the game.
  • tсai – an analogue of the previous team, but working only with the warhead of artificial intelligence. Opponents essentially go into pacifist mode, ignoring your presence.
  • disable, enable – disable and enable the character (this can be any other object at the discretion of the player) in the game. It is important to remember: a number of characters are protected from the disable cheat. As soon as you close the console, they will appear again. And even more so, you should not try to apply the command to your hero – the game client will close, after which you will see the Windows desktop screen.

Item IDs Commands

Above, you have already met a lot of commands applicable to specific items from the inventory (for example, player.additem – to add a thing with an issued ID and quality of 100%, or player.removeitem with the opposite effect). To use them, you need to know the sequence of letters and symbols to which this or that thing is assigned. The game has a variety of items and weapons in the hundreds of items, so in the list below we will give only the most useful. Below is a list of Fallout: New Vegas console commands for item IDs:

  • 0000000a – hairpin identifier (in Fallout it is a popular tool for breaking locks of any difficulty level).
  • 0000000f – ID of bottle caps, the domestic currency in the game world.
  • 00004334 – receiving a knife.
  • 00004333 – one of the varieties of hunting rifles. There are at least six in New Vegas.
  • 00004332 – ID of plasma grenades.
  • 0000432a – identifier of the Open-Arrow
  • 0000432e – arm your character with a high-speed laser.
  • 0000432d – flamethrower ID.
  • 00004328 – put in the inventory the specified number of metal tires.
  • 00004327 – the identifier of the combat shooter (one of many in the game).
  • 00004350 – ID of a standard 10-mm gun.
  • 00004352 – hammer, formidable melee weapon.
  • 00029383 – missiles.
  • 0006B53C – caliber .308 ammunition code
  • 0006B53D – five-millimeter stores.
  • 00020772 – Power cells.
  • 00020799 – receiving a small atomic charge.
  • 00029371 – refueling for your flamethrower.
  • 0004485 – microalloy.
  • 0006B534 – code for obtaining an effective shotgun Terribel.
  • 0000434F – another type of gun with a caliber of 10mm.
  • 0000434C – shotgun identifier (weapons with high melee damage but low aiming range and rate of fire).
  • 0000434D – Scoped revolver ID. 44.
  • 000A6F77 – identifier of powerful T-51 power armor.
  • 00004345 – get yourself a telescopic baton in your inventory.
  • 00004346 – ID of the billiard cue.
  • 00004348 – arm yourself with a rail rifle.
  • 00004340 – identifier of a powerful rocket launcher.
  • 0000433F – minigun identifier.
  • 00004339 – Mesmetron.
  • 00004337 – command to get an iron pipe (melee).
  • 00004336 – ID of the precision laser rifle.
  • 00004335 – get a laser pistol with great lethal power.
  • 00002210D – first aid kit.

In addition to all of the above, the game has a huge variety of magazines, collectibles, notes, weapon modifications, implants and other things of varying degrees of usefulness. To get a complete picture of all IDs and read descriptions, it is recommended to visit the official Wiki of the game.


How to Take a Screenshots in Fallout: New Vegas?

Many fans who use custom modifications need a screenshot tool or function to take spectacular screenshots of their assemblies. But, unfortunately, the developers did not include a convenient menu for virtual photographers in the game. Well, at least console commands help solve the problem at least partially:

  • tfc – turn on a free camera with the ability to fly and stop in any angle suitable for you. If we also clarify the introduced cheat, adding one to it (tfc 1), then the time in the game will stop. A great solution to take a screenshot during the battle – the enemies will not run away and will not kill your character.
  • tm – a command that allows you to remove all interface elements from the screen – a compass, a health bar, etc. Without all of the above, screenshots will become much more cinematic.


How to Get More Benefits from Fallout: New Vegas?

In Fallout: New Vegas, you can add custom mods, many of which significantly transform the gameplay. Agree, it’s nice to suddenly see weapons in your inventory that you have never been seen before in the game, which have increased characteristics compared to standard weapons, or find a chest in the city where absolutely all objects found in wastelands are stored.

There is only one drawback – many mods are difficult to install, plus they often conflict with game scripts and with each other, which can lead to major problems.

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