Google Is Trying To Buy Bitspin Timely Clock App For Android

Google Is In Talks To Buy Bitspin Timely Clock App For Android: The official blog of Bitspin application development company Watch a very nice time for Android devices, has recently officially confirmed about the company will join Google in the near future.
Bitspin Timely Clock App For AndroidDetails of the agreement were not disclosed, timely, just know that you will continue to exist and remain active.

Moreover, timely management of the company is Bitspin be allowed to function independently and pledged to launch more new products in the future.

On the side of Google , is not the purpose of the U.S. technology group from acquisitions Bitspin is but according to many, Google wants to bring the design simple enough timely implementation of the clock by default in the next version of Android.

Interface possession time is new and beautiful, there are many shades from hot to cold, depending on your preference.

Transition effect now and subtle movements of the background behind the beautiful and also very soothing.

In addition to showing the hours, time also supports timer and set the alarm clock and how another application.

However, settings synchronizations timely warning on all Android devices you have installed this application.

The synchronization is done via your Google account and helps ensure that you will actually hear the tone, although you have to go where the device again.

For example, you can set an alarm on your phone and the application will automatically synchronize with the first tablet to bed.

When you wake up and the alarm goes off in a machine, then this operation will be synchronized with the other machines.

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