How to Stay Awake While Driving

Take advantage of the work below, the driver will feel more comfortable before into the car:

“Love” enough.

Much research and practice has shown that the greatest advantage of “love” is the reduction of stress and fatigue. However, “love” too much has the opposite effect. Doctors should keep in mind the amount of energy, “practice” on time and in the best possible way for good health, in the long run will become a “pharmacy” without having to look far.

Get Enough Sleep.

There are a lot of traffic accidents that are caused by the driver is the driver was driving asleep, this is also a problem for long-distance drivers. However, getting enough sleep is not as much sleep, but deep sleep, sleeping in a state of meditation. If we do not sleep 8 hours a day, then we have to go wherever we can. Do not take anti-drowsiness medication, coffee “fire fighting”, this will have the opposite effect. Because our bodies, if suddenly stimulated, prolonged consciousness, then obviously need time to recover, otherwise their health will go down.

 Fill The Abdomen.

Avoid hunger when driving, if you do not want to be censored. In addition, some cases may be allergic to coffee, cigarettes should not try. It is best to eat cooked rice – the feeling of eating when love will help the spirit of the employer doubled.

No debt.

Young people today have a funny saying like this, “thoughts are not clear, plus hair is never straight.” Do you think the doctor is right? Life has many things that we cannot anticipate, debt cannot be avoided, the more debt the more people are debt, the more the debt is surrounded, then the loan is paid, do not let the This anxiety persists throughout the courts, which of course sooner or later will have serious consequences.

Do Not Think.

Do not try to imagine if you do not want to cause trouble.

Do Not Listen Music.

Dancers Everyone regularly play music during their journeys. If you become a long-distance passenger on a long journey, you will be “tortured” almost from the beginning to the end of the journey. The reason for the musicians is to listen to music for sober, listen to light music to sleep, even have the car to open action movies to increase the attraction.

According to American neurologist Daniel Levitin, who has spent years researching the impact of music on the brain, in a recent study – found that listening to music while working on the contrary would not bring What are the benefits? It also distracts, reduces productivity. In fact, it is true that listening to music while driving does not only make the driver more frustrated, passengers are bothered but also prevent other drivers.

Chewing Gum.

Instead of smoking, chewing gum provides a lot of benefits that the unbelievable. By stimulating the flow of blood and saliva, chewing gum helps you get better. Besides, the taste of gum also makes the mind relaxed.
We think our players will have a lot more “good”, let’s contribute personal ideas for the safety of the community!

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