Group Video Chat App ‘Bonfire’ by Facebook Introduced on Android

Facebook’s introduced bonfire which enables to you to make video calls with your friends simultaneously.


It seems that Facebook is in a habit of copying all the latest new apps and then release them as a single app. But as per their history they never came up with something out of the box resulting into shutting down their apps.

This new app Bonfire by Facebook’s is nearly a emulation of an already available app called Houseparty. Houseparty allows you to invite your friends and make a fun group video call with them. You will also find some interesting effects and face filters while making the video call. Same is the system of Bonfire. It has been designed in a way that you can start calling your friends with just few clicks.

The target audience for bonfire is teens just like all major social media apps. The main benefit is that it is integrated with all the established products of Facebook like Instagram. So you can execute different tasks with this integration. For example, you can share the snapshot of your live video call directly to Messenger, Facebook or Instagram.

As usual Bonfire was first available on iOS but now it is available to download on Google Play Store. Playstore might not let you download this app in Pakistan. But you can use this app by downloading the APK and installing it on your device manually and you will be all good to go.

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