Helpful Use Of The Alert Feature On Android 5.0 Lollipop

Helpful Use Of The Alert Program On Android 5.0 Lollipop: Since the first introduction, notification and message display area has been one of the most attractive features of Android. When Android 5.0 Lollipop birth, Google improve this feature to help it operate more efficiently, more beautiful and even more intelligent. So how to use well on Android 5.0?

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Lock screen notifications:

Previously announced only be displayed in the status bar located at the edge of the screen or in the notification center when you pull down the status bar. Now with Android 5.0 Lollipop, notifications are also brought to the lock screen you see them more quickly. Instead of unlock the phone, pull down the notification bar, then see the notification content, now you just glanced at the screen lock to seen everything. There is too great or what?Android Lollipop specs

How to interact with the lock screen notifications just as well as in the notification bar. You can:
Tap twice on the notification to open the app
Swipe your finger from left to right or right to left to ignore notices
Scrolling through the list to see if you notice there are too many notification
When you click on the picture of three horizontal stripes at the bottom of the lock screen, you can delete any messages at the same time.

Show notification smart:

Android 5.0, Google said that the system will track how you use the device to adjust the display accordingly informed more. For example, if you regularly used Facebook, notice of this app is always on top even though the time the notice is sent out later than other applications. You can not tweak anything about the ability of this smart, but I say it so that you know why sometimes the Android 5.0 Lollipop arranged in order of notification no time.

In addition, previously when a call comes in, Android will display all call information on your screen, making it impossible to continue to use the app does is spend. Now on Android 5.0 Lollipop, incoming calls will only appear as a small message on the screen side only. You are still allowed to manipulate your app a normal way. If you need to pick up or decline the call is available on the button to notify you hit.

Hide less sensitive content:

These notifications can be sensitive email messages, install new app from Google Play Store, Facebook Messenger chat message … that you do not want others to see when the notification appeared outside the lock screen. Note that the hidden features of this notice applies only when you lock your device using a PIN, password or unlock pattern only.

This is done as follows:
Go to Settings> Sounds and notice> Click the “When locking devices”
Select “Hide sensitive message content”.

Many custom notification:

If you access the Settings> Sounds and Notifications, you will see the following options:
Pulse notification light: the notice> the LED light will blink.
When locking devices: the main feature is hidden content less sensitive notice that I said above.
Notification Application: block or select the priority shown to notice. The block is easy to understand, the app will not show any legal notice for you to view. And then his priority will be referred to in the section below.

Features Interruptions mode:

Here are the new features of Android 5.0 or extreme. It allows us to set the smartphone, tablet just display a message in the given time, only a certain number of types of notifications and messages from certain people only. The message display called INTERRUPTION, and that INTERRUPTION mode operation, called Priority. Priority mode can be activated by pressing the volume up button, select the “Priority” in the next dialog box appears on the screen.

To control INTERRUPTION, you in Settings> Sounds and notification> Interrupt. The features that you can find here include:

When the call and notice to: option to notice are allowed to display only display notifications from applications marked preference (as directed in the right above), or does not show any information this report.

Just below it is the custom special priority for events, reminders, calls and messages. For example, if you cast the “Call” or “Message”, then switch to the “Priority”, calls and SMS will arrive machine but no ring or vibrate at all. Only when you change settings “call/message”, you can ask the machine displays a message from only the favorite contacts.

Time does not work: this option will automatically put your phone in the “Priority” at any given moment. You can set the start time at 10 pm, and then make ends at 6 am, so at bedtime you will not be bothered by the notice does not matter. Too convenient.

Self timer on again informed:

You’re busy with a conference and took off all notifications, but after about 1 meter forward wants notifications pop up, not only to forget? Small things, Lollipop Android supports this feature in the OS, no need to resort to third-party software or custom from another manufacturer. How to perform the following:
Press the volume button of the machine to make a small menu on the screen next to the
Select “No” to turn off all notifications, or “Priority” to activate Priority
Click the button “in x hours” to turn the timer notification, can press the + – to change according to time

Do you remember the “Priority” in custom notification that i just mentioned above? If you turn it up to a certain X app from the app notification will be allowed to display even when you activate Priority mode. To put it simply, if you turn on “Priority” for Facebook, then even if you are meeting the app will send a notification to you, while the other app does not have this right.

Turn off the Gmail accounts of several:

If you go to Settings> Sounds and Notifications> Notification Applications> Gmail, you’ll have a gear icon appears (the other apps do not have). Touching it, you will be directed to the Gmail configuration, continue to pick the account you do not want to display notification and uncheck the “Notification” is finished.

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