How To Create Strong Passwords : Secrets From Security Experts

The secret to create strong passwords from security experts:

According to experts, the simplest way to protect users from data attacks is to set a strong password. Most of the recent information theft cases come from scams, the method of using login passwords based on information provided by the victims themselves.The secret to create strong passwords from security expertsAccording to Business Insider, the problem comes from the people themselves when they are too easy on fake messages. The phishing tricks of hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so the prevention is very important.

Security experts have shared some simple ways to help us protect ourselves from hackers.

First of all is the password. Most of us only set passwords with a single word. But according to Kiersten Todt, a cybersecurity adviser who used to work for the former Obama administration, we should use a multi-word password.

Basically, a password is much stronger than a one-word password because it reduces the probability of predicting the correct letter, making it harder for hackers to guess the password.

“Make the password as long as possible”. According to Todt, secure passwords should be 4 or 5 words long.The secret to create strong passwords from security expertsVeteran security experts suggest that you should use spaces if possible. Most popular websites like Google and Facebook will accept a space as a valid character for the password.

Ben Wolford, the creator of the ProtonMail encrypted email application, also thinks that multi-word passwords are a solution for quickly forgetting passwords. According to him, a multi-word password with a simple letter is easier to remember than a one-word password with many complex characters.

“If your security system is difficult to use, no one will touch it even though it helps people keep information confidential,” Wolford said.

However, no matter which password is used, the most important thing is to use multiple passwords for different websites.

“The hacked people mostly use the same password for multiple websites,” said Alex Heid, chief technology officer at SecurityScoreCard.

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