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How to Take a Good Selfie? 7 Tips and Advice From Professionals

Every day millions of selfies appear in the world. Scientists seriously analyze how this affects the psyche of people, but people can no longer be stopped. We understand how to approach the creation of self-portraits in today’s world. Therefore we have shared 7 important tips and advice from professionals about how to take a good selfie?

1. The Main Thing – Your Emotions

Portraits always benefit from simple photographs. With a rare exception, if you are not the coolest photographer who develops your account. Track, in 9 out of 10 cases your selfie will pick up more likes, than a conditional beautiful sunset or a breakfast photo. It’s simple: people like to look at other people. Because your face is unique, and people have subscribed to you. Therefore please them with your emotions.

In 9 out of 10 cases, SELFIE will gain more likes than a photo of food.

Smile, surprise, angry face will tell you about your condition better than any words. Try to avoid unnatural “frozen” expression. You’ve seen these strange pictures of people with stone faces, right? The problem is that your photos are harder for people to perceive. If you are not a model, it is unlikely that their arrogant person will get something good.


  • Be natural. If you have fun – smile, if sad – make a sad selfie.
  • Do selfie with friends, relatives, animals. It always makes photos more interesting.
  • Do not make the lip a “dent”. You are welcome. Still behind the window in 2018.

2. Shoot Qualitatively

Curved hands are no longer an excuse. At the smartphones which have left for last year very good are precisely front cameras. So on the blurry, with “noise”, in a poor resolution of the picture no one will look.

Source / Credit: daxon / Instagram


  • Wipe the camera.
  • Check the settings: Select the maximum size and quality of the file. Smartphones in recent years are very good, you can entrust the shooting of your face to the AUTO regime.
  • If the photos are still of poor quality, think about changing your smartphone. Good pictures are worth it.

3. Watch The Light

The more light – the easier your camera to make a quality photo. In addition, the light can fall at different angles and sometimes, to improve the photo, it is enough to turn 90 degrees or bend over.

Source / Credit: pxhere


  • Avoid shooting at home with the top light. If you still have to shoot with him, try to move away into the corner of the room. Try to find additional light or turn on the flash.
  • If you shoot at home, go to the window.
  • If you shoot at night in the city, try to go to a brightly lit display case or lantern.

4. Remember That There is a Background

Most often you are not alone in the frame, and there is a background. Take care that it is worthy, even if the whole meaning of Selfie is in your face. And then the philosophical view of the future in the cluttered room will look stupid.


  • Look for beautiful places to shoot. Or, finally, put things in order!
  • Shoot several frames while moving the camera. Try changing the camera angle so that the background looks more interesting.
  • And be, please, careful, taking off Selfie in the window aperture or on a roller coaster.

5. Edit Selfie

You can always improve the picture. And in top-end smartphones you can edit without special applications, and that’s enough. Return the fallen horizon, add brightness and selfie will be even nicer.

If you want to make trouble, there is a huge number of paid and free services to bring the picture to mind.


  • In any modern phone there are built-in editors with filters. With them you can add photos of sharpness, increase brightness and contrast.
  • You can try using a third-party editor. For example, a popular VSCO application will add a beautiful effect to film photos.

6. Tell Stories

Social networks shook us and changed the attitude towards self-esteem. Many believe that the best picture is the one that has a lot of likes. As a result, we see a series of copied selfies with the same expression. And okay, if it’s unfamiliar people, but if your friends or relatives do it?

Photo Credit: NASA


  • Tell in the photographs of history, this is what catches people. Then you are happy, because you have a cute cat. And on this photo you are angry, because you spilled coffee on your favorite T-shirt. Make short, but interesting signatures to add selfie not only likes, but also sense.
  • Experiment, look for inspiration and try to repeat the successful photos.
  • See self-portraits of famous people and artists.

7. Hammer on Husky

The most stupid idea is to evaluate your own or someone else’s life according to the likes. Hearts and subscribers are important only if you are a blogger and make it a living. In the rest, a person with a thousand likes is not necessarily happy.


  • Therefore, do selfie, because you are cool and like the process itself. Have fun!

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