Why HTC is Losing Its Name is Smartphone Market?

The U11 is the smartphone you like best and feel the most money in 2017 , the friend of the Verge also agree, many brothers Subtle to participate in subtly voted also U11 is one of the popular smartphone most years.

Why HTC is Losing His Name is Smartphone MarketThe U11 really excels at screen, camera, performance and battery, not to mention the current price is only about 12-14 million depending on the promotion. But why have such a good device that HTC still has no improvement in the financial situation, and why HTC is still in the market, while other Android names, especially Chinese smartphone, are you still alive?

About the HTC U11

The U11 itself has a lot of respectable points, but one major drawback is that it does not own the thin bezel. In fact, the handset is still very comfortable and easy to use, nothing to complain about the ease of use of this smartphone. But because there are no thin borders should not look attractive with competitors launched at the same time, especially the Galaxy S8.

The S8 is one of the smartphones that brings the slimmer concept to the general consumer world (Mi Mix comes first, but in terms of popularity and recognition it can not be equal to Samsung), so people started to look. Mind this point and obviously a thick fringe phone will not be on their list of options in 2017.

Perhaps HTC has not been able to change its product to keep up with the thin edge when U11 launched in May last year. Then HTC tried to make the thin bezel, the HTC U11 + was born in November, but that time was too late and the market was flooded with other thin border phones, Medium.

Not to mention that U11 + costs a lot more than U11, while the large value it brings is only marginally thin. This is why I think U11 + is not worth the money U11, not even buy that wait U12 will be better. HTC also sells the HTC 10 Evo, a product that was launched last year but is still very well configured and built as a flagship. This is the device that the company uses to hit the midrange segment.

But once again, HTC is in a difficult position when the mid-priced market is extremely fierce competition by Chinese players, adding that the appearance of Nokia makes the market more difficult. Also, good machine is not enough, it still need more promotional activities, and HTC is really weak in this array.

In other words, HTC’s products can still be sold, but the numbers can not be as high as the competitors squeeze too much, especially when they can make better options for price or better. In terms of branding, HTC will be hard to come by.

HTC’s Promotional Capabilities

Overall, the U11 is a good phone and can make you happy, but you will only feel it after actually holding the device in and / or using it, while with new users, unused users. HTC phone ever, you can not find any point to buy U11 while in front of you is Samsung, is Sony, is Oppo, is Huawei. It is called a “unique selling point” (USP).

HTC U11 has the only USP that can be used as a borderless feature, but in fact this feature is not something you use everyday except for taking pictures so it’s hard for users to reach it.

What about the other competitors? Oh, very much. Galaxy S8 is a thin bezel and a new design, Note 8 is a big screen plus dual camera, Huawei P Series dual cameras, Huawei Nova 2i thin, low-profile fine borders, Oppo F5 also use thin borders, Sony is They hit on the ability to take pictures and they convey this message very clearly. iPhone is not talking, X with thin border, new design, dual camera.

In addition, HTC does not have enough financial resources to run promotions like the way other Android smartphone companies do. There are no celebrities as brand ambassadors, no sideline promotional activities in places that are not technology-related, no big sponsors for many programs, and no service.

Rising like Galaxy Gift. When thinking of HTC, people only think of each phone, but many people do not even know how HTC can buy the machine. On this side, I see Samsung do best, then Oppo. In other words, HTC’s branding level is too low.

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