Intel Announced New Desktop CPUs at GDC 2014

Intel Announced New Desktop CPUs at GDC 2014: Currently, the latest Intel Haswell CPU only concentrate on the laptop market and save power line.
Intel Announced desktop computersConsequently desktop users have not received any significant improvements to his machine.Even L4 and iGPU 128MB Cache, integrated graphics cards are still the most powerful current is limited by the structure chip BGA (Ball Grid Array) mounting with the motherboard.

Recently, at the GDC conference, Intel has announced a number of CPUs for the desktop, although the price is not mentioned.

Previously, Intel CPU debuts Extreme Edition version 6, just about a year after the birth Westmere architecture. The E series CPU is normally a lot more expensive, requiring the use of different socket, there is no integrated GPU and have more cache memory controller stronger. Haswell – E Core i7 CPU to CPU serial line-E this year.

It will have all 8’s which previously only appeared on the Xeon CPU, requires a new x99 chipset and support DDR4 memory. Release date scheduled for Haswell-E Core i7 is the second half of this year.

One other updates will appear quickly and more affordable. While Sandy Bridge CPU can overclock very well, Ivy Bridge and Haswell faster heat.

Haswell will be refreshed with the code name Devil’s Canyon, chip clocked higher than the previous 0.1 GHz and improved heat dissipation should be good for overclocking.

Devil’s Canyon will be compatible with Intel’s chipset 9th life, but the life they are compatible with 8 or not is still a mystery.

Intel Announced New Desktops GDC 2014
Image Credit: DailyTech

The new motherboard will support 14nm Broadwell CPU architecture – part of Haswell. So the rumors about Broadwell stays on BGA hardware is completely false. Some versions of Broadwell CPU comes with Iris Pro and graphics and of course adds L4 cache. While desktop users are less concerned about the iGPU, the large L4 cache might cause them to reconsider.

If Intel continues to intend to bring only top iGPU on the CPU, the AMD Kaveri would be the best option for those who have a tight budget but still want to enjoy the power of the APU.

And finally, the anniversary of the Intel Pentium brand’s 20th will take place this year. After the launch of the brand Intel “Core”, the “Pentium” has become a prominent name for low CPU configuration.

To celebrate, Intel will release a version for the K-series Pentium dual-core Haswell to support overclocking.

This will be good news for those looking for a cheap CPU and powerful configuration. Depending on the price, we can achieve a performance ratio/price better than the Pentium or Core i3 CPU present. This CPU chipset supports both 8-series and 9-series in the future.

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