Internet Provider Ask To Break High Wholesale Prices

Internet Provider Ask To Break High Wholesale PricesA small ISP pleads with Canada’s telecommunications regulator to mandate lower prices for high-speed Internet wholesale services, even though some major suppliers are at bat to raise their rates.

IAAK Technologies Inc., a supplier based in Coquitlam resells access to the wired network, Shaw Communications Inc., asked the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to speak on the case for the new service, Internet exceptionally Quick Shaw launched this month.

In an application filed this week IAAK said that the price is not fair to the Internet because the third-party retail rate is lower than the wholesale rate to 150 megabits per second Internet service.

Website Shaw Announces Pricing – $49.90 per month for the first year and $79.90 for the second year before returning to $135 per month. – “shockingly affordable” as he proposed a tariff of wholesale $98.55 per month for the same service, according to a tariff notice submitted to the CRTC on July 15.

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