iPad 2018 Will Have Face ID

The iPad 2018 is expected to launch next fall with the screen overflowing, recognizing faces. Along with it, the new generation Apple Pencil pen may also appear.

iPad 2018Apple is redesigned next-generation iPad with the removal of the home button, replacing it with face recognition Face ID as the iPhone X .

A recent Bloomberg report shows that the new iPad will be the same size as the iPad Pro 10.5 inch. Predictions will be available later this year. An improved version of Apple Pencil was launched at the same time as the new iPad.

As Apple has done on the iPhone X, the removal of the home button and fingerprint sensor will help the iPad screen to remove the upper and lower edge of the machine, allowing the screen to fill the entire front of the iPad 2018.

In the image @Benjamin Geskin, who has been designing photos for tech products, does not have “rabbit ears” on Twitter.

According to another report, iPad 2018 will not be equipped with OLED screens. The reason given is the limited technical and financial constraints that prevented the conversion of screen technology.

Further information about the next generation iPad has not yet been revealed. But users still expect wireless and waterproof charging to appear on the tablet.

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