iPhone 6 New Features Release Date, Price And Specs

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumos, Price And Specification: The iPhone 6 is one of the most talked about smartphones of the year. So here we toured all there is to say about it until Apple actually announces the device.iPhone 6 New Features and specs We looked into the iPhone 6 release date, price, specs and new features, but having the pot of salt ready to take a pinch or two.This is where we provide some of the more probable date iPhone 6 (or less) release new features and rumors.

Release Date: June or September 2014?

We have been covering the launch of the iPhone and release dates for longer than we care to remember, it was very helpful to us what to expect with Apple regards its new smartphones. The most obvious thing that strikes us is that Apple did not launch a new iPhone outside the five months between June and October. While the history books show that there will be a new iPhone 6 release date around September/October 2014, the latest rumors begin to accelerate that Apple is preparing to launch the next generation iPhone as early as June this year. But curiously the iPhone 6 may not be the next iPhone to hit the market. Currently, the iPhone is in the minority among high-end smartphones in that it can be used with one hand. There are reports that Apple may release an iPhone phablet-smartphone/tablet hybrid normal size before the next iPhone.iPhone 6 New Features Release Date

iPhone 6 rumors a glance:

  • iPhone 6 Release Date: September 2014
  • iPhone 6 screen sizes: 4.7 to 5.5 inches
  • iPhone 6 Price: Same as existing: 16GB $649, $749 32GB, 64GB $849
  • iPhone 6 possible new features:
  • Up to 128 GB of internal storage and expandable storage
  • Higher megapixel camera
  • New operating system iOS 8
  • EarPods heart rate
  • NFC chip
  • A8 processor

Screen Size:

According to the CEO of Cowen and Company, which “focuses on the most dynamic sectors and provide in-depth analysis of areas” produced a document for its investors by indicating that its sources of chain supply have confirmed that the iPhone 6 will have a 4.8-inch screen and it is “locked.” It is understood that the new iPhone 4.8 inches 6 hold its current resolution of 1136 x 640 pixel. There are other screen sizes rumored iPhone 6 including 4.7 or 5 and 5.5 inch and Apple are going for is anyone guess at the moment.

Different models:

As there are so many screen sizes as rumors for the iPhone 6, it is surprising that many rumors suggest that Apple will release more than one iPhone this year, emulating what he did last year with the 5s iPhone and iPhone 5c.


We will not know the price of the iPhone 6 until Apple announcement, but we think that the company will keep the same pricing system as the iPhone 5s for the next generation iPhone. This means that the iPhone 6 will cost from $649.

iOS 8:

One thing that is not so difficult to work, is that the iPhone 6 will almost certainly be pre-installed with iOS 8, the latest Apple mobile operating system which it will likely be at its Worldwide Developer Conference in June.


Until recently, the idea of having an iPhone with NFC technology is desirable, but ultimately wishful thinking. Well, it seems the tide has changed with sources now suggests that the iPhone 6 could feature some sort of NFC chip.

Storage of 128 GB:

So far, Apple has set the upper limit of the memory of your smartphone to 64 GB, which is good enough internal storage for a smartphone. However, if you use your iPhone as a primary camera and the main source of music consumption, then it will soon be complete. If Apple chooses to equip the iPhone with 128 GB of storage expandable so would be a great addition to his range.

Sunscreen Sapphire:

It gets 10 out of 10 for crazy. but at the same time there is evidence to support its plausibility. Some rumors report on the possibility of using a sapphire screen which not only allows the iPhone “virtually indestructible.” When this rumor back to 100 percent is crazy is when the screen solar charging is mentioned again. 3M SunPartner screens shown at MWC that do just that, but it is understood that the technology will not be ready for the market until 2015, which according to our math, it is a bit long shot for the iPhone 6.

EarPods heart rate:

Instead of sticking a heart rate monitor to the back of the phone like the Galaxy S5 Samsung, Apple is rumored to be the integration of technology in his helmet EarPod. According secretly, they will also measure blood pressure. “New Apple EarPods have sensors in them, heart rate and blood pressure. IBeacons Also so they do not get lost. They require the wearing of lightning, which is why the audio jack has been moved to down.

Expandable storage:

This is a controversial issue because Apple have both a very successful pricing structure based storage options and also iCloud ever developing. But expandable storage is still the most popular and user unrestricting that the majority of people have chosen to extend the storage capacity of their smartphones. ISD card slot and would be a great way for Apple to address this gap in the current iPhone. It will almost certainly not happen though.

Flexible screen:

A flexible screen is crazy talk! Apparently not. These guys are already over Samsung noises suggesting that there will be a smartphone with a flexible smartphone released in 2014. If this is successful, then it will not be long until Apple has joined the game. God knows enough people have broken their screens existing iPhone.

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