Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultima Weapon Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3: Ultima Weapon

As we explained in our best Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblades guide, Ultima Weapon is undoubtedly the best blade you can get in the game.

The only problem is that you cannot get it until the very end of the game, and when it becomes available, it is not easy to unlock. You have to synthesize it, which is essentially similar to crafting, which means that you need to find all the right materials.

In this Ultima Kingdom Hearts 3 weapon guide, we have everything you need to get Ultima weapons and kill Heartless faster than ever before in Kingdom Hearts 3.

What is the KH3 Ultima Weapon?

The KH3 Ultima Weapon is the last key blade available to you and is needed to unlock the aptly named Ultima Weapon Trophy / Achievement. You have to “synthesize” it, which is the way Kingdom Hearts 3 says that you have to do it with the right materials.

When you get Ultima Weapon, he has a Strength and Magic score of 13 apiece, which is almost higher than any other blade in the game – only a blade with Classic Tone can rise higher with 14 Magic at the maximum level. But how do you get Ultima weapons?

How to get Ultima weapons in Kingdom Hearts 3?

To get KH3 Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3, you need to get four separate materials. The first, and perhaps the most difficult, is Orichalcum +.

You need seven things, and in the whole game only seven are available, each of which is located in a certain place or in a certain way.

Because it is so hard to find, it deserves a separate guide, which you can find here: Kingdom Hearts 3 Orichalcum + location.

After you have seven heirs, you need to get two Wellspring crystals, two transparent crystals and two pulsating crystals. Fortunately, they are all available in certain places endlessly while you beat the main story.

Where to find Wellspring Crystals in Kingdom Hearts 3?

For Wellspring Crystals, you need to return to San Francocio, the world of Big Hero 6. At the top of one of the buildings is Battlegate 12, where you receive Secret Report 12, as described in our Secret Kingdom Hearts 3 Report Guide.

Continue to play this battle again and again, and in the end you will collect the Wellspring Crystals. We recommend using the “Favorite Deputy” key blade so that enemies have more booty.

Where to find transparent crystals in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Transparent crystals are a little more complicated. You need to synthesize them yourself in the Moogle store, and they take one Wellspring crystal, two gems, three lucid stones and five fragments of awareness.

Collect enough Wellspring Crystals in Battlegate 12, then head to the Kingdom of the Crown. You will find shards of awareness by killing many malachite boleros, and shrapnel fragments can be found on the main poufs.

For lucid stones, head to Olympus and kill enough Air Soldiers. If you are not sure what enemies it is, be sure to refer to the Gummiphone Adversaries section.

Where to find pulsating crystals in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Again, it is best for you to focus on obtaining materials for the synthesis of pulsating crystals yourself. To do this, you need one Wellspring crystal, two pulsating stones, three pulsating stones, and five pulsating fragments.

You know where to get the Wellspring crystals, but for Pulsating Gems, you need to kill a lot of satyrs. These friendly people can be found in droves through Battlegate 1 on Olympus, which is just up the stairs from the Summit of the Kingdom of the Gods.

Pulsating stones are frequent drops from Powerwild Heartless, which are little monkeys in the Caribbean. On the other hand, pulsating fragments are most often found on the earth’s cores of Olympus.

Once you have all the ingredients you need, head to the nearest Moogle store and synthesize these Ultima weapons!

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