How to Repair EDB Files? EDB to PST Conversion Tool

Corrupted database has always been the most frequently observed problem faced by the system administrators of Exchange Server.

PST Conversion ToolWhenever such kind of problem comes up, one of the main concerns of system administrators is fear of data loss. So to effectively deal with it, users often prefer to have the EDB files saved in PST file format as this would ensure availability of data all the time. Reason being PST files are stored in the local hard drive and can be accessed anytime by the user.

However, their first step in such situation is to determine the reasons for corruption and finally to fix the damaged database. So, let us first know the reasons which are responsible for corrupted database of Exchange Server.

Reasons behind Corrupted or Damaged Database of Exchange Server

EBD database corruption can occur due to any of the following reasons.

  • Improper shut down of server
  • SCSI bus errors showing invalid status
  • Shifting of mailboxes by system administrators
  • Problem with Operating System
  • Hardware faults

Here we address the methodology of repairing the corrupted EDB database by resolving it through in-built tool such as Essential.

Repairing Database by Essential

The Essential utility is not specific to any application rather it is a database level tool which is employed to maintain the database, test the integrity level of the EDB database. Further, it is used to repair Active Directory and corrupted EDB files. To be more concrete it is basically used for executing compaction and defragmentation of database and repairs even the most severely damaged EDB files. In Exchange Server 2013, it is used to evaluate the transaction logs which are required to be replayed.

How to Repair EDB Files with Essential?

You can repair the mailbox and the public folders with the essential utility. Here, is the list of commands for the different mode of operation.

Mode of Operation Command
Database Repair ESEUTIL /p <database name> [options]
Database Integrity ESEUTIL /g<database name> [options]
Database Recovery ESEUTIL /r <logfile base name> [options]
Database Defragmentation ESEUTIL /d<database name> [options]
Database Checksum ESEUTIL/k <filename> [options]

How To Convert Recovered EDB files into PST?

Once they are recovered you can use the import PST command to export the EDB database into PST file format.

Export-Mailbox-Identity [email protected] –PSTFolderPath C: Temp\marie.pst

Where, C: Temp\marie.pst refers to the PST file location

Notice: It must be clearly known that whenever you using essential tool to repair Active Directory or EDB database, chances are there that it can bring about irreparable consequences. So, it is often advised to that it is better to restore a copy of the corrupted database before you make an attempt to run the Essential tool on the EDB database.

Application of Third-Party Tools

Knowing that there is always the probability of data loss when using Essential tool, in such situations, it is better to opt for third-party solutions. One such solution is EDB to PST Conversion tool which facilitates in recovering the damaged EDB files and successfully converts into PST file format.

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