League of Legends Tier List Patch 11.19 October 2021

This page shows League of Legends tier list Patch 11.19 Season 11 (Updated: October 2021). Our LOL tier list classifies each characters into the most competitive category.

League of Legends Tier List

League of Legends is a multiplayer MOBA RPG in which players fight each other in teams of five, trying to destroy the main building at the enemy base. The project was developed and released by Riot Games October 27, 2009 on Windows and the Mac OS the X.


League of Legends Gameplay

In League of Legends, players in a match are divided into two teams of five. There are three lines on the game map – top, bottom and center, as well as a forest. On each lane, both teams have 3 towers that inflict damage on opponents and which must be defended. The goal of the game is to destroy the main building of the opponent’s base.

An important difference between LoL and other MOBA games is the rune system that enhances the skills of the characters. Runes are collected before the match and without their choice the player will not be allowed into battle. There are 5 sets of runes in the game – from enhanced area skills to improved attacks and constant damage to enemies. You can change the runes only from the 11th level of the account, and before that the player will be offered pre-assembled sets.


League of Legends Champion Classes

Below is the list of LOL champion classes along with their subclass:


Subclass: Vanguards, Wardens – Tank has a lot of health and can absorb damage.


Subclass: Juggernauts, Divers – They have a lot of health and are located on the top lane or in the forest.


Subclass: Assassins, Skirmishers – They do huge damage, but they have poor health. They play in the forest.


Subclass: Burst Mages, Battle Mages, Artillery Mages – A ranged character with mass and point spells. Most often located on the middle line, but it can also be on the bottom.


Subclass: Enchanters, Disruptors – Located on the bottom line and helps the shooter or mage


Subclass: Marksmen – A ranged hero that deals a lot of damage and is on the bottom lane.


Game Overview

The game is constantly updated and supplemented, and recently players received a completely new mode and a new map – Dominion. Here the struggle for control points-portals, which are symmetrically located around the circle, unfolds. To take a point, you need to activate the portal, and this takes time, during which you can be interrupted by an enemy attack. Accordingly, in this mode, the role of coordinated team actions is especially important.

The authors of League of Legends pay special attention to the elaboration of the gaming universe. As a backdrop for the fierce arena battles, they have come up with the entire virtual world of Valoran, with its heroes and villains, milestones and conflicts. There is even a newspaper that regularly reports on news and events taking place in Valoran.

Competitions in League of Legends attract a large number of viewers, and the game is consistently reaching the top of esports disciplines on the Twitch streaming platform . Since 2011, the world championship has been held in the game, the prize fund of which is growing every year. Teams from various regions participate in it – from North America to China. At the 2019 World Cup, the prize fund was $ 2.25 million, and broadcasts were conducted in 16 languages.


League of Legends Tier List Overview

S+ Tier: Incredibly strong characters with great stats and useful skills.

S Tier: Top priority, extremely powerful characters that fit in any composition; should always be first-picked or first-banned.

A Tier: Very powerful, high impact characters that can control the pace of a game; still worthy of first-pick or first-ban.

B Tier: Well-rounded and well-balanced characters.

C Tier: Situational characters, based off the map or your team composition.

D Tier: Extremely situational characters that require special attention from your team, or heroes that still need tuning.

However, it is fair to say that some champions turn out to be more consistently useful than others when it comes to promoting a wide range of commanding personnel. As a result, we would like to provide a regularly updated list of how the characters play against each other and do so in the form of the list that you are currently reading.


League of Legends Tier List (Updated September 2021)

The League of Legends tier list below shows the complete list of characters (in text format):


S+ Tier:

  • Sona (supp)
  • Talon (mid)
  • Ashe (adc)
  • Blitzcrank (supp)
  • Jarvan IV (jungle)
  • Nami (supp)
  • Ziggs (adc)
  • Vayne (adc)
  • Tahm Kench (top)
  • Fiddlesticks (jungle)
  • Amumu (jungle)
  • Akshan (mid)
  • Xin Zhao (jungle)
  • Camille (top)
  • Sett (top)
  • Kha’Zix (jungle)
  • Jhin (adc)
  • Fiora (top)
  • Kassadin (mid)
  • Draven (adc)
  • Yasuo (mid)
  • Katarina (mid)
  • Shaco (jungle)
  • Nautilus (supp)
  • Ekko (jungle)
  • Samira (adc)
  • Zed (mid)
  • Leona (supp)
  • Evelynn (jungle)
  • Lulu (supp)
  • Morgana (supp)


S Tier:

  • Rek’Sai (jungle)
  • Riven (top)
  • Rell (supp)
  • Zyra (supp)
  • Anivia (mid)
  • Zilean (supp)
  • Shen (top)
  • Bard (supp)
  • Trundle (jungle)
  • Zac (jungle)
  • Kindred (jungle)
  • Rammus (jungle)
  • Nocturne (jungle)
  • Vladimir (mid)
  • Malphite (top)
  • Jax (top)
  • Tristana (adc)
  • Mordekaiser (top)
  • Shaco (supp)
  • Xerath (supp)
  • Irelia (top)
  • Kayn (jungle)
  • Thresh (supp)
  • Lee Sin (jungle)
  • Irelia (mid)


A Tier:

  • Kennen (mid)
  • Pyke (mid)
  • Cassiopeia (adc)
  • Swain (adc)
  • Tryndamere (mid)
  • Quinn (top)
  • Corki (mid)
  • Pantheon (mid)
  • Veigar (adc)
  • Maokai (supp)
  • Lillia (top)
  • Kled (top)
  • Cassiopeia (top)
  • Annie (mid)
  • Kayle (mid)
  • Malphite (mid)
  • Wukong (top)
  • Kog’Maw (adc)
  • Ahri (mid)
  • Yasuo (adc)
  • Sett (mid)
  • Pantheon (top)
  • Trundle (supp)
  • Galio (mid)
  • Heimerdinger (top)
  • Poppy (top)
  • Urgot (top)
  • Vi (jungle)
  • Vayne (top)
  • Ekko (mid)
  • Malzahar (mid)
  • Nunu & Willump (jungle)
  • Cassiopeia
  • Viktor (mid)
  • Kayle (top)
  • Aatrox (top)
  • Braum (supp)
  • Garen (top)
  • Sivir (adc)
  • Janna (supp)
  • Diana (mid)
  • Soraka (supp)
  • Illaoi (top)
  • Rengar (top)
  • Karthus (jungle)
  • Xerath (mid)
  • Warwick (jungle)
  • Senna (adc)
  • Nasus (top)
  • Lissandra (mid)
  • Tryndamere (top)
  • Rakan (supp)
  • Dr. Mundo (top)
  • Yorick (top)
  • Brand (supp)
  • Teemo (top)
  • Ziggs (mid)
  • Trundle (adc)
  • Caitlyn (mid)
  • Yone (mid)
  • Fizz (jungle)
  • Master Yi (jungle)
  • Pyke (supp)
  • Darius (top)
  • Elise (jungle)
  • LeBlanc (mid)
  • Yuumi (supp)


B Tier:

  • Heimerdinger (mid)
  • Aurelion Sol (mid)
  • Tristana (mid)
  • Rumble (mid)
  • Neeko (mid)
  • Ivern (jungle)
  • Garen (mid)
  • Vel’Koz (jungle)
  • Skarner (jungle)
  • Seraphine (mid)
  • Taliyah (jungle)
  • Singed (top)
  • Jax (jungle)
  • Lux (mid)
  • Taric (supp)
  • Ornn (top)
  • Cho’Gath (top)
  • Maokai (top)
  • Rumble (top)
  • Veigar (mid)
  • Graves (top)
  • Brand (mid)
  • Graves (mid)
  • Anivia (supp)
  • Kennen (top)
  • Shyvana (jungle)
  • Volibear (top)
  • Akshan
  • Gnar (top)
  • Warwick (top)
  • Renekton (mid)
  • Senna (supp)
  • Olaf (jungle)
  • Sion (top)
  • Vladimir (top)
  • Vel’Koz (supp)
  • Miss Fortune (adc)
  • Sylas (mid)
  • Qiyana (mid)
  • Graves (jungle)
  • Nidalee (jungle)
  • Twitch (adc)
  • Sejuani (jungle)
  • Veigar (supp)
  • Poppy (jungle)
  • Zoe (mid)
  • Zac (supp)
  • Akshan (adc)
  • Volibear (jungle)
  • Kalista (adc)
  • Swain (supp)
  • Shen (supp)
  • Yone (top)
  • Gragas (top)
  • Yasuo (top)
  • Udyr (jungle)
  • Jayce (mid)
  • Viego (mid)
  • Syndra (adc)
  • Ryze (top)
  • Lee Sin (top)
  • Jarvan IV (top)
  • Gragas (supp)
  • Azir (mid)
  • Gwen (jungle)
  • Lucian (top)
  • Ashe (supp)


C Tier:

  • Jinx (adc)
  • Alistar (supp)
  • Seraphine (supp)
  • Lillia (jungle)
  • Rengar (jungle)
  • Hecarim (jungle)
  • Galio (supp)
  • Sylas (top)
  • Gragas (jungle)
  • Viego (top)
  • Rumble (jungle)
  • Twitch (supp)


D Tier:

  • Xayah (adc)
  • Varus (adc)
  • Ezreal (adc)
  • Lucian (adc)
  • Lux (supp)
  • Kai’Sa (adc)
  • Aphelios (adc)
  • Renekton (top)
  • Twisted Fate (mid)
  • Orianna (mid)
  • Karma (supp)
  • Diana (jungle)
  • Pantheon (supp)
  • Akali (mid)
  • Gwen (top)
  • Jayce (top)
  • Ryze (mid)
  • Syndra (mid)
  • Akali (top)
  • Viego (jungle)
  • Sett (supp)
  • Lucian (mid)
  • Gangplank (mid)
  • Gangplank (top)

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