Oppo Find X – The New All Screen Phone

New Oppo Find X – The Idea Is So Unique: According to The Verge, the Oppo Find X comes with a unique slide mechanism, but it contains quite a few of the side effects of the actual use.Oppo Find X and Vivo Nex are two new Android devices.

New Oppo Find X - The All Screen PhoneVery quickly, they attracted much attention from users as well as the tech world.

New Oppo Find X - The Idea Is So UniqueBoth of these devices offer a new definition of how to design smartphones. Rather than cut into parts of the screen like many phones today, the two manufacturers have put a mechanical module that allows the front camera to automatically pop up when used. In particular, Vivo chose to only turn on the camera, while Oppo raised the entire top of the phone.New Oppo Find X - The Idea Is So UniqueAccording to The Verge, the intelligent slider mechanism Find X has impressed many users, and it also shows creative endeavor from the manufacturer. This is also a new alternative to using notch on many smartphones today.

However, this mechanism can cause many difficulties in the process of using. With both the front and back of the case finished from glass, it is clear that users will want to use the case to protect their equipment and the slider will make this difficult.

In addition, factors such as dirt, sweat, and all other unwanted particles can infiltrate the sliding module, affecting the operating mechanism. Not to mention, if you drop the phone, the risk of damage will be higher and repair costs are more expensive than other devices.New Oppo Find X - The Idea Is So UniqueThe quality of the camera may also be affected. With both front and back cameras inside the case of the phone, it’s hard to get a lot of room for a high-end camera. In order to have a good image quality, the manufacturer also needs to install many components inside the camera cluster. That’s why users should not expect too much of Oppo Find X’s visual quality, according to The Verge.

Another factor that must be considered when using the mechanical components in the phone design is the problem of battery consumption. When triggered up or down, the machine consumes a certain amount of energy.

Moreover, due to not equipped with fingerprint sensor, users can only use facial scanning for security. This will cause the machine to consume a lot of energy in a long day.

In addition, the issue of durability also makes many people concerned. Designer Philippe Starck said adding mechanical components to the device would make the device less durable.

In general, the slider on the Oppo Find X really looks new and attractive in a market that is becoming saturated in looks. And the company has also been very successful in making users excited about their products. But it’s hard to change the overall design of the mobile industry and make a breakthrough in the way Apple did before.

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