NieR:Automata Trophies, Achievements and Trophy Guide

This page shows the complete list of all 48 (32 bronze, 13 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum) NieR NieR:Automata Trophies and Achievements as well as the Trophy Guide.

NieRAutomata Trophies, Trophy Guide and Achievements

Nier:Automata Intro

Developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix, NieR:Automata is born from the end of NieR itself constituting the fifth alternative end of Dragenkard.

The Main Plot

In the year 11,495, Humanity entered its fourteenth great war against machines. Refugees on the Moon facing the increasing incursions of these mechanical life forms created by an extraterrestrial people, humans still alive have developed androids, robotic units shaped in their image with the sole mission of destroying all the machines present on Earth.

In this proxy war, you play 2B , 9S and A2 , three androids belonging to the YoRHa group, the spearhead of this automated fight.

The game is unusual, and can surprise players even with a way to get trophies. In addition to the standard way to get them, trophies in this game can be bought, and for the game currency! Even Platinum: you just need to overcome several walkthroughs of the game, collecting all the story trophies along the way.


NieR:Automata Trophies and Trophy Guide

Here is the list of all 48 (32 bronze, 13 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum) NieR NieR:Automata Trophies and Achievements with complete guide about how to obtain them.

You can achieve 4 types of trophies in Nier:Automata:

Bronze NieR:Automata Bronze Trophy
Silver NieR:Automata Silver Trophy
Gold  NieR:Automata Gold Trophy
Platinum NieR:Automata Platinum Trophy



Following are 32 bronze trophies with detailed guide:



Stare into the space from the Bunker.

Trophy Guide: Obtained by the player upon completion of the prologue, when the heroes fall into the Bunker.



Arrive at Ruin City.

Trophy Guide: Can be obtained after the heroes hit the ground (City Ruins).


3. It’s a Healthy Baby Boy! / STRENGTH! (Secret)

Complete the desert walkthrough.

Trophy Guide: Obtained by the player on the basis of the passage of the desert (Desert Housing).



Complete the walk through the ruins of the Amusement Park.

Trophy Guide: Obtained by the player following the passage of the Amusement Park.



Complete the passage of the Alien Ship.

Trophy Guide: Obtained by the player following the passage of the Alien Ship (Alien Ship).



Complete the Forest Castle walkthrough.

Trophy Guide: Obtained by the player following the passage of the Forest Castle.



Complete the passage of the Flooded City.

Trophy Guide: Obtained by the player based on the passage of the Flooded City.



Complete the passage of the Copied City.

Trophy Guide: Obtained by the player following the passage of the Copied City.


9. IRON SOUL (Secret)

Complete the passage of the Abandoned Factory.

Trophy Guide: Obtained by the player following the passage of the Abandoned Factory.



Watch 2B death.

Trophy Guide: This trophy will be received automatically at the beginning of the third passage of the game.



Control A2 for the first time.

Trophy Guide: This trophy will be received automatically at the beginning of the third playthrough of the game, as soon as you gain control over A2.



Agree to fulfill Pascal’s last request.

Trophy Guide: This trophy will be automatically received on the third run of the game when Pascal asks A2 to fulfill his last wish. To achieve, the choice of answer is unimportant, but I highly recommend choosing the first proposed option if you want to collect all the weapons in the game.


13. JUSTICE (Secret)

Stop all regenerative units.

Trophy Guide: This trophy will be obtained automatically during the third run of the game, after stripping Amusement Park: Resource Unit.



Watch the last moments of Devola and Popola.

Trophy Guide: Agree to learn the story of Devola and Popola by entering the Tower during the third walkthrough.



Take your body away.

Trophy Guide: Dying in battle, return to the battlefield and take your body.



Complete your first quest.

Trophy Guide: This trophy will be obtained during one of the first two story quests.



Collect 80% of archival documents.

Trophy Guide: Collect as many archival documents as possible: some of them will open as the plot of all three walkthroughs is completed, and the other will be found in locked chests.



Open 80% of all character data.

Trophy Guide: Get to know the world of the game, its heroes and enemies. Collect in three walkthroughs of the game.



Find 80% of all plug-in chips.

Trophy Guide: You will be able to score already at the first passing of the game, because they give “plug-in chips” for literally everything.



Pump up any weapon to the maximum.

Trophy Guide: Get to Forest Castle and the Royal Chambers, with a cradle. You will find a blacksmith at the exit of the chambers, jumping to a bridge a level lower, blocked by a stone block. We’ll have to raise the level of weapons to the 3rd, and then to the highest, 4th level. The plot you will learn about the blacksmith, pumping weapons to level 3 in the Resistance Camp.



Take part in your first hacker game.

Trophy Guide: Story trophy. Get at the beginning of the second passage, having hacked for 9S. Hold ps-triangle, then complete the mini-game.


22. A SCANNER’S POWER (Secret)

Hack 100 mechanical life forms.

Trophy Guide: You have to forget about brute force for a while and devote yourself to hacking a hundred enemy machines in 9S. Hold ps-triangle, then complete the mini-game. Subject hacking moments will also be counted.



Destroy 50 mechanical life forms in berserk mode.

Trophy Guide: You can get during the third passage of the game for a berserker character, A2. Hold ps-l3and ps-r3to go into combat mode. Since the heroine’s lives will melt right away (equip the Auto-Use Item, Auto-Heal, Deadly-Heal regenerating chips), it’s most convenient to get this trophy and find such a large cluster of enemies during the story-driven quest for the defense of the Abandoned Factory.



Find all the Pods.

Trophy Guide: Ways to obtain hearths were discussed in this article . One of them goes to the plot, the second is caught in the Flooded City, and the third is excavated in the desert.



Drive 5 kilometers on any animal.

Trophy Guide: Buy a bait (Bait for 100 G) and go into the ruins, use it from the inventory. While the elk / boar will regale themselves with refreshments, climb onto the animal and rush (acceleration ps-r2) where the eyes look. Wind a couple of circles around the ruins and get a trophy. So that the animals do not attack you, it also does not hurt to take Sachet for 1000G.



Catch 20 different types of fish.

Trophy Guide: Pinch ps-circleand throw ( ps cross) the Pod in any body of water that you encounter, when you feel vibration and see splashes of water – drag your catch ( ps-circle). Walk to several places, it’s easy to catch 20 fish.


27. WAIT! DON’T KILL ME! (Secret)

Destroy 10 friendly mechanical life forms.

Trophy Guide: Available on first visit to Amusement Park. Destroy 10 friendly, dancing and oblivious cars.


28. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? (Secret)

Find out 10 times the secret 2B.

Trophy Guide: To get this trophy, one way or another you will have to look under the skirt of the heroine. Carefully point the camera under the 2B skirt, do not push it too far. She should push the camera away with her hand.


29. NOT THAT I MIND (Secret)

Play 1 hour in 9S while in special condition.

Trophy Guide: To get this trophy, you have to explode 9S shorts and run without them in total (!) For an hour. Turn on the self-destruction mode in the settings (SETTINGS => Other => Self-Destruct => On).


30. COME TAKE A LOOK! (Secret)

First visit Emil’s store.

Trophy Guide: Meet Emil on the plot in a shopping center near a forest zone. Later you can visit it in the City of Ruins (see the note with its image on the map). First you have to stop his moving vehicle shot.



All endings achieved.

Trophy Guide: During the game, unlock all 26 endings.


32. LUNAR TEAR / MOON Tears (Secret)

Visit the place of memories.

Trophy Guide: After meeting Emil, the quest “Emil’s Memories” will be available, go through it, collecting all the moon’s tears (the first flower-activating quest is in the shopping center). Upon completion, get the trophy.



Following are 13 silver trophies with detailed guide:



Get the ending A.

Trophy Guide: You can get it by completing the first walkthrough of the game to the end.



Get the ending B.

Trophy Guide: You can get it, bringing the second walkthrough to the end.



Get the 9S ending.

Trophy Guide: You can get it by completing the third walkthrough of the game and choosing 9S before the final battle.



Get the ending A2.

Trophy Guide: You can get it by completing the third walkthrough of the game and choosing character A2 before the final fight.



Collect 100 tel.

Trophy Guide: It is recommended that you enable online mode while receiving this trophy. Exploring the world of the game, you will often come across the bodies of androids that can be resurrected or absorbed, and you need to do this a hundred times. Online you will come across bodies at every turn, especially a lot of them in the Copied and Flooded City, and at the underground level of the Ruins of the City (in front of Emil’s dwelling).



Complete 80% of all quests.

Trophy Guide: Complete NPC missions until you reach 80% full base.



Collect all Poda programs.

Trophy Guide: Find all 17 programs.



Pump all weapons to the maximum.

Trophy Guide: Pump all weapons in the game at the blacksmith Masamune to level 4. How to collect all the weapons was discussed in this article .



Pump all Pods to the maximum.

Trophy Guide: Pump all Pods in Maintenance Shops in the Bunker, where the Terminal or in the Resistance Camp, to the maximum level.



Destroy 50 mechanical life forms with remote control.

Trophy Guide: The trophy can only be obtained for 9S. You need to carefully approach the enemy machine (so that it doesn’t notice you) and hack it ( ps-triangle), after a successful hack you will be offered to take control of the “ Remote control ” machine . Take and exterminate the unwanted.



Destroy 255 enemies using the flying unit.

Trophy Guide: You will receive this trophy during the plot if you conscientiously destroy all targets in air battles.



Locate materials at a hidden collection point 10 times.

Trophy Guide: After equipping Poda with the Scanner program, use it ( ps-l1) to search for hidden treasures.



Accumulate at least 100,000 g.

Trophy Guide: Accumulate 100 000 G. You can sell materials from inventory, look at the entry “Can be sold for money”.



Following are 2 gold trophies with detailed guide:



See the final list of developers.

Trophy Guide: You need to go through the game 3 times and get two main (A and B) and two endings of characters (9S and A2). Using the choice of chapters, you need to replay the last battle, agreeing to offer Poda. Then you have to play a tedious mini-game, the purpose of which will be to destroy all the pop-up “logos”. When you get to the Square Enix logo, such a hardcore will begin that somehow you have to agree to the help of players from all over the world to get through it. Caution, do not accidentally click “Surrender.”



Defeat Emil.

Trophy Guide: After meeting Emil, the quest “Emil’s Memories” will be available, go through it. Next, find Emil’s house and steal from him twice. You have to confront the boss level 99.



Following are 1 platinum trophy with detailed guide:



Thanks for playing.

Trophy Guide: Collect all the trophies of the game to open this. To do this, you need to complete the game three times: then either buy up all the trophies (approximate time to get 40 hours, without completing quests), or do everything manually (about 70 hours).



Secret Trophy Shop

After the third passage, access to the secret trophy store is unlocked . Head to the Resistance Camp and look for the Strange Resistance Woman, a woman with a mask on her head giving out tips to the players. Talk to her – in response, she will, as usual, offer a list of topics, and the one we need will be called “ Request unlocking you- know- what”. After that, you will see a numbered list of trophies, without names or anything else. To distinguish between them, you will have to consult the descriptions attached to them. Also there will be displayed only those achievements that have not yet been received by you, and the rest will be considered purchased.

She will offer them for a nominal fee in:

50,000 G per Bronze;
100,000 G per Silver;
200,000 G per Gold.

There are several ways to earn extra money in the game: catch fish and sell it (especially large specimens will cost about 7,000 G); sell various items with the words “Can be sold for money” (this is especially true for the often falling Machine Core item, which can be sold for 22,000 G).

If you do not want to part with your savings, after purchasing the trophies, reset the current result. Trophies should appear on your profile.

We turn to the Nier:Automata game trophies, of which 48 are here. When and how to get them, consider below.


How to Get Platinum in Nier:Automata?

If you buy trophies and you have completed all three storylines, then you need to play a total of 35 hours to get Final Words platinum. If trophies are not bought, then the total amount of time should be at least 70 hours. All this is added to the need to go through all the story branches, get the endings, complete additional quests and pump the character to the maximum.


Difficulty Levels in Nier:Automata

Difficulty Levels in Nier Automata

In Nier:Automata, there are 4 difficulty levels. The choice of one or another leads to certain consequences.

Here is the list:

Easy: Easy to play.

Normal: The gameplay will be slightly difficult.

Hard: Enemy HP increases, strike force. Cannot use target capture.

Very Hard: Enemies have even more HP. Almost every one of them can kill the main character with one blow.

For the first time, most gamers will pass Nier on the usual difficulty. To some players, it may seem too easy in relation to the last stages of the game, especially considering that to get all 26 endings you will have to re-run it at least three times.

Take your time – you will have time to check the level of your skills during repeated passage. One of the reasons I would recommend passing Nier:Automata on the usual difficulty (and not on the difficult one) is the huge difference in the challenge that the player faces in the early and late stages. It will be especially difficult in the first game hour!

On an easy difficulty level, developers almost pass the game for you.


How to Save Game Progress in Nier:Automata?

Autosave is the main aspect of most modern games, but Nier:Automata has eliminated this feature. When the game starts, if you are careful, you will notice several notifications warning about the lack of automatic saving.

Learn, or rather, learn to persist manually! To save, virtually all you need to do is find a special item and interact with it.

Saving points in Nier:Automata are scattered throughout the game world. Problems with their search should not arise! Some access points will be open for interaction, while others will be protected by an energy field or opponents.

Please note that you need to open a special tab in order to save the game in a separate slot.


How to Change Character in Nier:Automata?

In Nier:Automata There are three playable characters. All of them are androids sent by people to Earth to restore peace and cleanse the planet from evil machine guns.

Players cannot voluntarily switch between characters at any time. However, depending on which part of the storyline you are in, you will still be able to choose another hero.

However, after the third passage of the game, you will have a new option that allows you to select a chapter in the main menu and go through it with any of the three characters.

Note. You can unlock other playable characters in New Game +.


How to Upgrade Character in Nier:Automata?

NieR:Automata belongs to the genre of Action-RPG, allowing you to level up your character, earning experience in battle. Yes, you can kill a huge number of weak opponents, but in this way you can’t pump a character quickly. We will list several ways to quickly upgrade.

Amplification chip experience. Such chips constantly fall out of opponents. They can also be purchased from sellers in the resistance camp and bunker. The great news is that the effects from each chip will stack with each other. Therefore, without fear, install several chips at once for the experience. Do not forget to re-melt them to create more powerful chips and pump the level faster.

Side missions in NieR:Automata are interesting bonus tasks that allow you to more deeply understand the plot, but also add experience points. Take all the side quests that you see.

The smart way was invented by one of the Reddit users. If you are stuck in the range of 60-80 levels, then in the role of 9S, go to the central square in an amusement park and crack a large arena with weapons. Subjugate it “to your will”, then to destroy all the cars in the area. When you do this, take aim at the statue of the hare at the fountain and crack it. So an enemy of level 80 will appear, for the destruction of which you can get a huge number of experience points. Hack to increase damage dealt. Do not forget to use the maximum number of experience chips.


How to find Emil in Nier:Automata?

Emil will appear in the ruins of the city after you complete the story quest in the forest zone. It can travel along three different routes, but it is more likely that the first meeting with the NPC will take place near the trail leading to the desert camp. If you open the map, you can see the marker in the form of “Emil’s head” indicating its location.

While Emil is located near the desert camp, he can buy chips. You may be shocked at the prices offered by him, but know that he sells really useful things, such as Acceleration and Revenge. After talking with him, you can take a side quest, the implementation of which will lead to the receipt of the “Moon Tear” trophy.

The second route along which he moves is between the center of the ruins and an abandoned factory. If you can stop it while moving along this road, then in the list of goods you will see mid-level materials for upgrades. You will be lucky if you have a lot of money in your pocket, because this is the easiest way to quickly upgrade weapons.

His third, final route runs through a waterfall outside the desert camp. If you catch him in this place, then Emil will sell two weapons along with high-level materials for the upgrade. If you want to get all the weapons in the game, then you have to stop him on this route.


How to Change Clothes in Nier:Automata?

In most modern RPGs, gamers can dress up characters as they please. To some extent, Nier:Automata allows the same . To clarify the situation, we note that the game does not have a wide range of unique costumes and outfits that can be selected and changed. Instead, in the first half of the game you can collect various accessories by completing side quests.

For example, it is possible to unlock colored ribbons when completing the quest “The Missing Girl”. To equip this accessory, go to the “Items” menu and select the “Key items” from the list.

At the beginning of the third passage, the combat armor 9S and 2B will be unlocked. You can also equip them through the Key Objects menu. At the moment, these are the only alternative costumes that can be unlocked. It is worth noting that a combat suit does not give any bonuses and positive effects. This is the usual character customization.


How to Remove Skirt in Nier:Automata?

Activate the self-destruction sequence by holding down the K and M keys on the PC. Continue to activate the 2B self-destruction sequence and you will see a timer that counts down to the explosion. As soon as he expires and the character dies, her skirt will fly off.

It will look something like this
It will look something like this
Continue to restore HP 2B as quickly as possible so as not to die. As soon as 2B is healed, it will rise to its feet and will wander around the location in a bathing suit.

What is Engine in Nier:Automata?

Platinum Games development studio has developed a game engine specifically for NieR:Automata.


How to Start the Second Walkthrough in Nier:Automata?

After killing the final boss, view the credits, and then save the game when prompted to do so. Click on “Continue” in the main menu to start all over again. This will be counted as a second walkthrough.


How to Find 9s in Nier:Automata?

After 2B has a scanner, go back to where the main character woke up and look around. We need to find the soldiers of Yorha. One of them should report 9S coordinates. Having received them, go to the underpass and you will see a fork. The left path leads to the place where the aliens were, and the right one leads to 9S. Use the flashlight module to light your path.


How to Earn Money in Nier:Automata?

To buy all the weapons and pump them to the maximum, you need a decent amount of money in NieR:Automata. As the currency in the game, gears are used, called the letter G. Killing opponents, you will receive these gears, but there are ways to make more money.

Complete Side Quests:

They are incredibly useful in NieR:Automata . Having completed them, you can get experience points, materials and a lot of money.

Increase the Drop of Things:

A special chip is used for this – install it to increase the chances of more valuable parts falling out of opponents. You will be able to sell kernels, each of which costs 10000 G.

Get Rid of the Trash

You absolutely do not need to have 99 pieces of different materials. If there are 99 crystals in your inventory, then sell at least 40 of them. Also, when exploring the world, you will come across luxury goods, including bracelets and necklaces. Sell ​​them without a second thought. Even fish caught during fishing will bring some kind of income.


How to Enable Minimap in Nier:Automata?

Check if the mini-card chip is equipped. If this is not the problem, then open the context menu, and then exit it. If this does not help, then remove and reinsert the mini-card chip.


How to Open Closed Doors and Elevators?

In the game you can meet several locked doors and inactive elevators. The creators of the game in one of the interviews said that the publisher Square Enix asked not to talk about these doors. Perhaps there should have been additional locations, but the budget was reduced. On the other hand, these doors may be associated with future additions.


How to Open Locked Chests in Nier:Automata?

During the first passage of the game, pay attention to the fact that some of the chests are locked. When you try to interact with them, a message appears stating that your character does not have access. These chests will unlock when you repeat the second passage, when you are going to get the ending B.

As soon as the second passage begins, you will have the opportunity to hack the chests by holding the corresponding key. A chip will also be available showing the location of all items and chests on the map.


How to Regenerate / Restore Health in Nier:Automata?

Unlike most modern video games, NieR:Automata has no health regeneration. This means that you will have to use special healing items during the battle or rest until the HP scale is full. Listed below are all ways to restore health in the game.

Healing items – by clicking on the appropriate key, you will get access to a quick menu that has these items. It is also possible to open the inventory menu, pausing events in the game, and use healing right from here.

As soon as you have a room in the resistance camp, then visit it every time you need to restore health.


How to Self Destruct in Nier:Automata?

In NieR:Automata, you can use self-destruction to control androids, their explosion. But, keep in mind that such actions will lead to a decrease in the supply of CP to a critical level. For several seconds it will be impossible to move or attack. If there are no chips to increase HP, then you will have to use healing items.

For self-destruction, hold down the K + M keys for two seconds. Please note that during these actions, enemies can still attack your character. Self-destruction is only available for 9S and 2B, while it is not available for A2. The last character, while holding this key combination, activates the Berserk mode, which speeds up movement and the amount of damage done, but slowly devastates the health scale.


Where to Find The YoRHa Squad in Nier:Automata?

This quest can be obtained from the NPC “Operator 60”. The letter will appear in the Inbox folder as soon as gamers get to the flooded part of the city ruins after the destruction of Goliath. As soon as there is a quest, leave the ruins and move in the direction of the marker. In some areas there will be no deserters at all, so you will have to study everything. Once you find two YoRHa units, fight them until they come back.

Many players encountered a problem when units simply did not appear on the map, which prevented the detection of rogue androids. Be aware that completing the Forest Kingdom mission will in most cases lead to the reappearance of units.

When the androids are marked, then go to the right place near the entrance to the city ruins to find the YoRHa units.

Return to the resistance camp with them and talk to Anemone. It turns out that the robber YoRHa did not steal anything. There will be a short call with “Operator 210”. After that, the task should be completed.


10000 G.
400 experience points.
Type-4O Lance.


Where to Find Pod C in Nier:Automata?

The Pod Robot is a very useful companion that can assist in several battles in NieR:Automata . Initially, Pod A will be available to you. Its version can be updated using new software.

Update by update, but you can find two other robots and choose which one to use. Each operates on different operating systems and provides gamers with a set of specific programs. Below you can find out where to find Pod B and Pod C.

Pod B. You will receive a quest marker for this robot around the middle of your first walkthrough. The pointer will lead you to the center of the “Desert” zone, where the deactivated robot lies.

Pod C. You can get it while fishing at the location “Flooded coast”. Unlock the area will be obtained only after the completion of the first passage. Go to the shore and find the yellow bus – all along a linear path. Next to it is a fishing spot.

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