NieR:Automata Weapons – List of Best Weapons

This article will cover NieR:Automata weapons list with complete details. Also find complete NieR:Automata weapon locations guide.

NieR Automata weapons featured

NieR:Automata – The epic action-RPG game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix during February, 2017, presents interesting novelties.

We particularly remember the changes of shots in real time which see the camera positioned on the side or above the story action to modify the scrolling and the gameplay.

What interests us today is the weapons and equipment in the game. More precisely, the armament at its disposal.

The game offers four types of weapons:

  • Small Swords
  • Large Swords
  • Spears
  • Bracers / Gantelets / Combat Bracelets

NieR:Automata weapons Hero

Each weapon can be improved and upgraded. It is also possible to switch weapons in full combo to maximize the damage.

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Weapons can be upgraded at level 2, 3 and 4. The attack and the combo number increase for each level of improvement according to each weapon. The usual arms dealers can only upgrade a weapon up to level 3. To exceed this limit and reach the maximum improvement, you will have to advance the story until you meet the legendary blacksmith Masamune, who is at the castor of the forest.

In addition, upgrading a weapon unlocks interesting passive abilities.

For combos:

  • Lg = Light
  • Ld = Heavy

The number of combos depends on the location in which the weapon is equipped. By default, the light attack is located on the Square button, the heavy attack on the Triangle button. The sequences and types of attacks can vary depending on the type of weapon equipped in each location. Each weapon is viable in its own way and the choice is up to the player according to his preferences.

Most of the weapons that can be obtained during route A are also obtained during route B. Any weapon can obviously only be obtained once, all routes combined.


NieR:Automata Weapons List with Details

NieR:Automata weapons body

Below is the list of NieR:Automata weapons with complete details (classified by type):

Small Swords

Following is the list of all the small swords given in the game:

  • Virtuous Contract
  • Scourge
  • Former overlord
  • YoRHa blade
  • Iron bar
  • Mechanical sword
  • Type-4O sword
  • Cypress stick
  • Phoenix dagger
  • Type-3 Sword
  • Motorized blade
  • Cruel oath
  • Faith


Large Swords

Following is the list of all the large swords given in the game:

  • Virtuous treaty
  • Monarch
  • Twin croc
  • Mechanical ax
  • Type-3 blade
  • Will of iron
  • Phoenix sword
  • Cruel Pact
  • Type-4O blade



Following is the list of all the spears given in the game:

  • Virtuous dignity
  • Mechanical lance
  • Lance Type-4O
  • Draconian spear
  • Lance Type-3
  • Phoenix Spear
  • Hast of the Usurper
  • Curse
  • Cruel arrogance


Combat Bracers

Following is the list of all the combat bracers given in the game:

  • Bare fists
  • Virtuous grief
  • Fists Type-3
  • Angelic madness
  • Cruel lament
  • Fists Type-4O
  • Demonic Cry
  • Machine heads


NieR:Automata Best Weapons


NieR:Automata Weapons Abilities

Each weapon has 2 abilities, the first is unlocked at improvement level 2, the second at max improvement level (4).

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Below is the list of NieR:Automata Weapons abilities. Most of them are available on several different weapons, but some are unique and specific to a particular weapon.

  • Dragon Wings: Increases the power of air attacks
  • Holy Blessing: Increases attack power if the HP is 100%
  • Pod Charge: Attack fills the pod skill gauge faster
  • High Stun: Adds high probability to stunning enemy
  • Critical+: Adds critical hit effects
  • Endurance Up: Increases player defense
  • Shift Avoid: Changes damage and dodge (FFXV style; visual effect only)
  • Stun Up: Increases the effect of stunning inflicted
  • Angel’s Mercy: Restores HP in the event of a knockout inflicted
  • Devil’s Hatred: Creates shock wave when finishing off enemies
  • Insanity: Swing weapons to hear Emile’s voice
  • Steel Spine: Reduces the risks of wobbling after an attack
  • Bullet Rupture: Firing projectiles creates a shock wave
  • Bullet Absorb: Destroying projectiles restores HP
  • Dark Impulse: Increases attack power if HP is less than 30%
  • Robot Discount: Grants a discount to machine stores
  • Discount: Grants a rebate to Resistance stores
  • Turn Coat: Chances for the attacked enemy to fight on your side
  • Phoenix Flash: Inflicting damage can make HP
  • Beast’s Roar: Close attacks get a bestial effect
  • Hero’s Sigil: Changes damage and treasure chests (like Dragon Quest; visual effect only)
  • Finish Blast: Generates a fatal combo of close attacks
  • Energy Charge: Charges when inactive, increasing the attack
  • Machine Brand: Increases damage by attacking (+500 max)
  • ATK Speed Up: Increases attack speed


NieR:Automata All Weapons Location Guide

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