Nvidia Geforce GTX 800m New

Nvidia Graphics Cards 800 Series: Product Line 800M graphics card for notebooks, performance increased by 60% compared with the 700M.
Nvidia Geforce GTX 800mThe mid-range card and 850m, 860M is designed based on Nvidia’s Maxwell architecture with the aim of increasing battery power.

Two 870M and 880M high-end card based on Keplar structure, designed to run high end games at 1080p resolution.Software together with Nvidia’s graphics have also been given an important update.

The biggest additional software is Nvidia Battery Boost function, potentially extending the battery life doubled for laptop gaming.

Battery Boost can be set up to speed up the game is 30 FPS/s. Software is also operating in control mode , adjust the processor ‘s system, GPU and memory to run at a level sufficient to allow smooth game play without energy losses.

New technology combined with Nvidia’s Optimus technology automatically turns off the GPU when not to use more battery fetters.
Nvidia 800mNvidia GeForce ShadowPlay previously only available on desktop systems, now also appear on the laptop. ShadowPlay is a feature in the software to capture footage GeForce Experience in gaming or video streaming on Twitch. This software is to be absolutely no impact on the performance of the machine.

GameStream been added to allow users of Nvidia Shield transfer games from the computer to the Shield.

800M supports all new software features. The output from the previous GPU GeForce GTX 700M and includes GeForce GTX 680M, 675MX, 670MX and GTX 660m GPU also supports ShadowPlay and GameStream.

Meanwhile, gamers want to experience gaming on a laptop similar to the desktop can be considered – 17 Alienware, Asus, MSI and MSI GT 70 GT 60 G750JZ. All are equipped with GeForce GTX 880M.

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