Oppo F5 Youth Specs And Reviews

Oppo F5 Youth Specs And Reviews: F5 Youth is a shortened version of the F5 model that Oppo launched not so long ago. This model satisfies the needs of light entertainment and photography, selfie.Oppo F5 Youth Specs And ReviewsAfter launching Oppo F5 quite successfully, the company continued to release the compact version of F5 Youth at a better price. This model still owns nearly all the features of the standard.

The design is not new, the screen is bigger

Most midrange phones today use monolithic metal, but the Oppo F5 Youth retains the design of its predecessor, the F5, with its plastic-coated plastic cover. However, the user is difficult to distinguish if not holding hands.

The Oppo F5 Youth is also equipped with a 6-inch 18:9 Full HD display. With no frontal or full frontal area, the display area is also raised compared to the previous Oppo mid-range models. The mobile feels quite solid, fits in the palm of the hand, but the interface between the screen and the body has a raised edge, making the swipe from the edge of the screen is not really smooth.

Configured enough, ColorOS 3.2 is quite similar to iOS

ColorOS is said to be “iOS of Android” and version 3.2 does not change this. The layout of the icon, the multitasking tab, the status bar dragging from the bottom up (learn more from Apple iOS). For those familiar with the original Android, ColorOS 3.2 can bring a lot of confusion.

The F5 Youth performance are quite high for a mid-range device thanks to 3GB of RAM and an 8-core chip.In return, the battery life of F5 Youth is quite good. When using intermittent mixtures of tasks such as surfing, watching YouTube, listening to calls, the mobile runs more than a day for each full charge.

Photography is a strength

Like the F5 seniors, F5 Youth’s camera and software are doing pretty well. Portrait after the beauty mode, eyes are not blurred, can be deleted “background blur”.

The 13 MP camera of the F5 Youth also features sharp, fast focusing. However, as the midrange camera phones on the market, F5 Youth is not good at night or low light.

Overall, the Oppo F5 Youth is a mid-range smartphone for the people, specifically young people with the main need for photography and entertainment, not for hardcore gamers.

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