Paladins Tier List – October 2021

This page shows Paladins tier list, (Updated: October, 2021). Our tier list is based on different experiments, classifying each champions into the most competitive category.

Paladins is an online action game in which players divided into two teams, have to fight each other. A player has access to many characters with unique skills.


Paladins Tier List


Paladins Game Features

Paladins is a competitive team shooter set in a medieval setting from Hi-Rez Studios and is free to download on Steam.

In total, there are more than 43 characters in the game, each of them is sharpened for a specific role. There are four roles in Paladins – tank, damage, flank and support. Characters in the game can be purchased for in-game currency (gold) or crystals.

There is no average cost of heroes, the cheapest of them cost 15 thousand gold, and the most expensive – 60 thousand. Gold can be obtained by playing matches and completing daily quests.

Also, all characters, including future ones, can be obtained by purchasing a set of champions from the in-game store.


Paladins Gameplay

All characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. Unlike the same Overwatch , where the parameters of the hero cannot be changed, in Paladins they can be upgraded, and this can be done in two ways at once. The first one is special cards that enhance a certain skill.

As a rule, cards act passively – they speed up the recharge of abilities, increase the duration or range of their action. The cost of cards differs, so the player has a choice – take a few weak ones or just a couple, but powerful ones.

Favorite decks can be saved and changed before the start of the match, choosing the right combination for a specific situation.

Another possibility for character improvement is the item system that most closely resembles MOBA projects. During the match, the hero earns points that he can spend on four artifacts out of 16. Their use is very different – some items improve healing, others protect from damage, others speed up the recovery of abilities, and the fourth weaken enemies.


Paladins Tier List Overview

Tier S — Extremly Powerful champions with a very high win rate.

Tier A — Powerful champions with high popularity of choices within the current meta.

Tier B — Average champions with less strengths compare to the S or A tier.

Tier C — Less popular than S, A and B tier and are not often the first choices among the top players.

Tier D — These champions are generally the least popular picks. Player can’t make these champions work in most situations.


Paladins Tier List (Updated: October 2021)

The Paladins tier list below shows the complete list of champions in specific tier (in text format)


  • Atlas The War from Darksiders had guns, he look definitely like Atlas
  • Barik – Barik is all dealing damage using best iteme
  • Cassie – Like Sha Lin Cassie is another champion that uses a bow as an ext weapon
  • Khan – Khan is an excellent and versatile champion in Paladins



  • Sha Lin – Sha Lin is a extrem style attacker in Paladins
  • Makoa – Makoa is a giant armored turtle with canon in one hand
  • Zhin – Zhin is fast and wields an inferno blade
  • IO – Her area of effect healing, Moonlight ability
  • Jenos Jenos and Zhin perform relatively similarly in Paladins
  • Tiberius – Tiberius wields a bladed charm and while fighting side his teammates
  • Tyra – Most of her abilities involve shooting enemies with the Auto Rifle
  • Lian – Lian is another fantastic addition to our A-tier list
  • Corvus – Corvus uses his Pistol to land direct shot on enemies
  • Evie – Evie is character in Paladins with increased movement and speed



  • Drogoz – Drogoz has vertical mobility and can easily use it to advantage
  • Rei – Her Sigil ability deals direct damage
  • Octavia – Best Seris, Octavia uses a Marksman Rifle, dealing 425 damage every 0.3s
  • Vatu – He has a dash ability that throws him out of harm
  • Imani – Imani is a challenging champion to master in Paladins
  • Ruckus – Ruckus is a goblin who sits inside a mechanical suit
  • Maeve – Maeve is also a small-sized fighter like Evie
  • Bomb King – Bomb King is another attack champion who offers an area of effect abilities.
  • Fernando – Fernando is shining armor who uses a Flame Lance to deal area-of-effect damage.
  • Kinessa – Kinessa is also an great gun-master champion that mainly on her sniper and carbine weapons
  • Ying – Ying is an master in Paladins and she can heal confuse enemies using her illusion mirror.
  • Drogoz – Drogoz has excellent vertical and can easily use it to advantage in defense situations.



  • Seris – Seris is a mage champion in our Paladins
  • Vivian – Vivian is also another gun-oriented champion in Paladins
  • Lex – Lex wields guns uses his agility to his advantages charging the enemie.
  • Viktor – Viktor is wolf with a big weapon
  • Ash – Ash is fine addition in our Paladins who dominates fights with her high-damage and abilities.
  • Buck – Buck is very fast incress health
  • Yagorath – Yagorath is need tank that does nothing else for high damage
  • Dredge – Dredge is very high damage (AR) guns
  • Inara – She use stones to herself and attack good
  • Willo – The lowest zone ability allows to use best item.



  • Pip – Pip is very strong and high damage.
  • Torvald – He is very best of close range fight
  • Mal’Damba – He is best of (m) guns
  • Moji – Moji is the higher mark of high damage
  • Skye – The only one bright side is that her Ultimate Time Bomb

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