PlayStation 4 New Voice Recognition Features

PS4 Will Have New Voice Recognition Features: The presence of the latest generation of Sony’s console is no longer but good information about the specifications and features of the PlayStation 4 is still flowing in cyberspace.
PlayStation 4 New Voice Recognition FeaturesThis time, an information mentions that the PS4 will feature Voice Recognition.

Speech Recognition Feature is allowing players to use some of the core systems in the PS4 just by using a few keywords using voice commands.

News of the presence Speech Recognition feature the company’s latest console from Japan was revealed after a man in profile a position known as Speech Recognition Engineering Intern disclose it.

An insider revealed that they are developing features Noise Reduction Speech, Speech Detection, Recognition, Rejection Noisy and Grammar Processing for use in various types of environmental conditions.

Based on the information circulated this Japanese company has invested heavily in order Speech Recognition feature is able to be applied to the new console made ​​by them.

However, for more detailed information still must wait for the carpet Electronic Entertainment Expo which will be held soon.

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