Price List Of Honda Cars In November 2017

Honda brand recognizes in the market with many models such as City, Civic, Accord, CR-V and Odyssey. This month, the price of Honda vehicles has dropped sharply and many attractive incentives.

Currently, Honda is assembling automobiles at the factory in Vinh Phuc. The three models assembled in the country, City, Civic and CR-V with a complete import model Accord and future will be the Odyssey to diversify.

The Honda brand currently offers five models of cars, including three models (Honda City, Honda Civic, Honda Accord), one five-seat CUV (Honda CR-V), one model high class (Honda Odyssey).



 Vision 2017 edition fashion 1,316.39 USD
 Vision 2017 Advanced Edition 141303 USD
 Air Blade 2017 advanced edition 1342.48 USD
 Air Blade 2017 lacquer paint 1804.79 USD
 Air Blade 2017 sports edition 1672.70 USD
 Air Blade 2017 special translucent paint 1342.48 USD
  Lead 2017 Standard Edition 1650.69 USD
 Lead 2017 Smartkey 1729.94 USD
 SH Mode 2017 personality 2311.14 USD
 SH Mode 2017 fashion edition 2267.11 USD
 Honda PCX 2017 standard edition 2289.12 USD
 Honda PCX 2017 Advanced Edition 2443.23 USD
 MSX 125 2017 2201.06 USD
SH 125 CBS 2993.60 USD
 SH 125 ABS 3345.84 USD
 SH 150 CBS 3610.02 USD
 SH 150 ABS 3962.26 USD
 SH 300i 2017 ABS 1091.94 USD
 Wave Alpha 110 783.29 USD
 Wave RSX 110 brake disc brake mechanism 946.21 USD
 Wave RSX 110 brake disc ring 990.24 USD
 Wave RSX 110 brake disc ring molding 1078.30 USD
 Blade 110 brake discs 861.90 USD
 Blade 110 disc brake ring spokes 862.99 USD
 Blade 110 brake disc casting ring 929.03 USD
 Future Fi spokes 1364.49 USD
 Winner 150 Sports Edition 2002.93 USD
 Winner 150 premium edition 2024.94 USD


*Price is for reference only, the price may vary depending on the agent or time of sale.

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