Qualcomm X60: New 5G Modem is More Energy Efficient

Qualcom X60 New 5G Modem More Energy Efficient cover


More Speed and More Energy Efficient:

The x60 is Qualcomm’s next high-end 5G modem to replace the X55 used on early 5G smartphones. The X60 promises to improve the average speed of 5G networks with the many types of wireless signals it supports.

In addition, this is a 5G chip manufactured on 5nm technology, which will help the modem operate efficiently and save power.

Qualcom X60 New 5G Modem More Energy Efficient


Like the X55, Qualcomm X60 will also support a wide range of networks from 2G to 5G and include both Sub-6Ghz and mmWave bands. The upload speed that X60 supports is 3Gb/s while the highest download speed is 7.5Gb/s.

This top speed doesn’t improve much compared to the X55, but Qualcomm says that the average speed of the modem will be faster.

The X60 is the world’s first 5G chip to support both Sub-6 and mmWave based on advanced 5nm technology, compared to the X55’s 7nm. Integrating more transistors onto a single chip not only saves power, improves speed, but also takes up less device space.

Although Qualcomm has not announced the details, Samsung has said that 5nm technology will help the chip to be 10% faster and save 20% more power.Qualcom X60 New 5G Modem More Energy Efficient 2


Besides X60, Qualcomm also launched a new generation module for its 5G modem. The nature of 5G chips, especially those that support mmWave, will give much faster speeds than 4G but the coverage is limited and easily obstructed by obstacles such as trees, walls.

To address this situation, manufacturers have arranged many wave-receiving modules around the edges of the device. On smartphones, this number is usually 3 to 4 modules.

Qualcomm’s latest module, called QTM535, is a 3rd generation, smaller design for ultra-thin phones.

Qualcom X60 New 5G Modem More Energy Efficient 1


In addition, Qualcomm also introduced new wave filtering technology called ultraSAW. The radio waves will be sorted and filtered to make the device’s ability to receive wireless signals more effectively.

As planned, X60 will be launched by Qualcomm at MWC20 but because the show is canceled, it is possible that the time when manufacturers integrate X60 on their smartphones will be delayed.

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