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Roblox Promo Codes – January 2020 Not Expired

In this article, we have shared Roblox promo codes for January 2020. We only share the list of 100% working promo codes for serious gamers.

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Roblox has become an almost perfect creative training ground for gamers of all ages. Roblox promo codes are an excellent way to enjoy free gifts and rewards. That’s why at TechOpti, we wanted to make a coupon codes compilation article, so you get all the rewards you need.

What is a Promo Code and How it Works?

The promotional code or promotional code is a text that can be exchanged for a special item. In addition, they are only delivered by Roblox official staff members. Sometimes, administrators issue coupons to use them on Roblox to get a free item. We are updating all new promotional codes for Roblox. We don’t have expired codes.

Promotional codes in video games are considered one of the most popular types of receiving any items or virtual rewards. Many games have official codes that you either need to buy, or they randomly drop out. Procomodes in Roblox allow you to get virtual currency and some unique things.

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One of the really fun parts of Roblox is to personalize your character. Unfortunately, part of the customization will take you back a bit of Robux – that is the best part of the promotional codes, because they will give you some funny cosmetics for your avatar and they are completely free.

List of 100% Working Promo Codes


You get a cute spider that will sit on the shoulder of your character


This one is a pretty old code, if you haven’t seen it before, use it. On the right shoulder there will be a bird symbolizing Twitter


Enter and see what happens


Very cool wings, which in principle can cost about 500 Roblox. Thanks to the promo, you will get them for free.

  • R0BUX0V3RL04D

Promotional code for 1000 robuxes (valid for a limited time)

  • SXSW2015 

You can get headphones and a hat


You can get headphones and a hat


Free Robux and Account with OBC

  • SAT15AFF

Take 15% off.

More Codes for Different Gifts and Rewards:

  2. FreeKnife
  8. MegaMittens
  9. RoyalRobzi
  10. GremlinGoodies
  11. Launch50
  12. Giant75
  13. lightning10
  16. PlushyScythe
  17. Bear
  18. Arcade
  19. Overhaul
  20. GummyBears
  21. Atlantis
  22. ANT
  23. BL1ZM1D
  24. DF13LDMARK
  25. HYP3R
  26. 11FNAT1K
  27. P0K3D1G3R
  28. S33D3NG
  29. SGC
  30. TH3M0NK3Y
  31. T0FUU
  32. TW11ST3D
  33. 50MIL

To get a promotional code, you need to replenish your account or purchase some paid item. In this case, a promotional code may be provided. There are many codes on the network that are provided to absolutely any user. This type of distribution is not welcomed by the site administration, but you can use them. A feature of promotional codes is that they exist a limited number of times. That is, after entering a certain number of users of the code, it ceases to act and becomes inactive. If you enter a code that does not work, a warning will appear on the site and that the code is not working.

You can find small promotional codes on the wiki page dedicated to the game. For example, TweetROBLOX gives a small accessory in the form of a bird. It is absolutely free and available to every user.

They are freely available and sometimes work for users. Some sites offer to purchase promotional codes for a small cost. Most often, they try to take advantage of other people’s funds by deceit and force the user to pay for an unnecessary service.

You can get promotional codes only with the approval of the site administration. This is because codes are constantly being generated. Each code is checked by the administration and approved for a specific group of users. Thus, getting a promotional code using third-party sites is almost impossible . Only those that are not of great value are available.

How to Redeem Roblox Promo Codes?


Reedem Roblox Promotions

To find the location of the form for entering the promotional code:

  1. Go to the this link:
  2. This tab contains the field where you need to enter the promotional code.
  3. Enter the promo code by typing or pasting the code in the field next to “Enter Your Code”
  4. Click “Reedem”

As mentioned earlier, if the promotional code is fully operational, a small icon will appear that confirms this. If the code turned out to be inoperative, a small red icon will appear. So either the code has ceased to exist, or temporarily does not work.

Other Methods

Some users are trying to find free and valid promotional codes on the network. It is worth noting that if you are offered to download any application or program, most likely it will contain a virus.

Thus, you will not only not receive your virtual tools, but also harm your computer. The only valid way to this day is to buy a promotional code or receive it randomly.

Please note that even those codes provided by the site administration can disappear quickly. Therefore, as soon as you receive the code that the system gave you, enter it in the appropriate column. This will avoid code expiration.

You will receive your gift immediately after the code is verified by the system and confirmed. The promotional code only works if all the data has been entered correctly. If you made any mistake while entering – the code simply does not count. Users can enter the code an unlimited number of times .

Therefore, in case of an error, you can enter the code again. It is worth considering that the promotional code does not always give an increase to virtual funds. This is most often a discount on an item or additional item.

Do not be sad if you have any object, perhaps it will be very useful in the game. Discount offers are valid for a certain time. After entering the code, you need to immediately purchase any thing. Depending on which particular promotional code you came across, the main award is determined.

It can also be an increase in any skills or an increase in level. If you entered the code correctly, but it turned out to be not working, contact technical support. Assistants will explain in detail all the nuances and problems that have arisen with your code, and will also help resolve this oversight of the system.

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