Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: Is It Perfect For You?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is the Android smartphone you want if you like large, high-performance smartphones. The large Infinity display, the large camera and the feature-rich software should make you forget the awkward fingerprint scanner and Bixby assistant.

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Is It Perfect For You

The Infinity Display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was “the next big thing” that very literally takes Samsung’s favorite phrase. It has a screen of a ridiculous size, specifications of high range and an equally disproportionate price.

How Big Is It?

If you want to buy a 6.2-inch (S8 plus) screen that, by far, makes it one of the best big Android phones you can buy, if you can handle it. The Galaxy S8 has less than 5.8 inches if you can not, or if you want something even bigger, now it’s the Galaxy Note 8.

What is Remarkable?

The elegantly curved screen has dramatically grown half an inch from the 5.7-inch Galaxy S7 Edge last year, which is remarkably perfect, however, the phone is almost the same size. It is a little higher thanks to the elimination of the unnecessary bezel and the well-known oval shaped Samsung button.


Also, owning this new Android means you are upgrading to the most advanced VR-ready smartphone available and have the best absolute camera and the best screen for you.

It’s a vision of the future and, in a twist of fate for Samsung vs. Apple, much of what we expect from the iPhone 8 is based on recent pre-launch promotions and speculations. In 2017, Samsung continues to be the creator of smartphone trends.


Obviously, the Galaxy S8 Plus is not the perfect phone for everyone, but most of the users have liked this phone for daily use. Also, there is a small range of users who think that the phone is too big for them. Not having a physical home button is going to be a deciding factor for some Samsung fans and their muscle memory.

Ironically, for such a futuristic phone, the fingerprint sensor mounted on the back of the S8 Plus is not a big deal. Access to this off-center scanner is not practical, but Samsung’s new iris scanner and facial recognition unlocking feature work well.

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