Samsung Spend $200 Million On SmartThings Purchasing

The home automation and appliances connected are the two markets that large companies are trying to enter, including Google, LG and Apple.
SmartThings Smart home companyTo stay competitive, Samsung has announced that they have purchased SmartThings, a relatively new company founded in Kickstarter, for $ 200 million. Samsung says SmartThings continue to operate independently, but some employees are going to change around Palo Alto, home to open the Samsung Innovation Center.

Since they continue to operate as an independent business, SmartThings happy with the purchase, as they will benefit from the broad portfolio of Samsung appliances, in addition to its expertise in developing and deep pockets appliances.

The company has accumulated about $ 15 million in funding from sponsors, but Samsung will be able to push much higher. SmartThings creates home kits that allow users to connect things like lights and locks and other home devices to a Wi-Fi network, which can be manipulated by a mobile phone application.

They have tried to keep their very open platform for anyone to create an application to take advantage of their connected devices, and they want their software to be available on as many platforms and operating systems as possible.

So far, it has worked, so I hope that Samsung does not require a change of direction.

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