Samsung To Launch its Most Powerful RAM

Samsung, the world’s largest provider of mobile RAM, will mass-produce 12GB LPGDR5 RAM later this month, promising strong performance for smartphones.Samsung Is Going To Launch Most PowerFull RAMAccording to Engadget, only a few months after introducing LPDDR4X 12GB RAM for phones, Samsung continued to go a step further with the mass production of LPGDR5 generation RAM.

In the middle of last year, Korean technology company introduced LPDDR5 RAM line with many advantages such as 64,000 MT/s data retrieval speed, double LPDDR4, upgrading the number of memory blocks to 16 banks, improving the mobile’s battery, charger adopts, Data-Copy and Write-X features, while enhancing security and reliability.Samsung Is Going To Launch Most PowerFull RAMLike LPDDR4X 12 GB RAM, 12 GB LPGDR5 module is produced on 10 nm process but 1.3 times faster.

According to Samsung’s calculations, 12 GB LPDDR5 RAM’s  data transfer rates is up to 44 GB per second, equivalent to 12 Full HD movies. Moreover, this new module saves 30% of electricity compared to previous generation memory.

These advanced features will support smartphones “taking full advantage of the capabilities of 5G and AI in things like ultra-high-definition video recording and machine learning, while helping to extend battery life,” Samsung said.

Samsung’s RAM business has been declining recently. So they actively enhance the development of more advanced technology. The group plans to launch 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM next year.

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