Smartphone Brands That Crushed iPhone In The Chinese Market

Apple ranks fifth in China for smartphone market share. Their number of devices sold is only half that of the fourth-ranked company.

Financial statements for the first month of 2019 confirmed the difficult situation of the iPhone. Particularly in China, Apple is increasingly subject to strong competition from domestic companies.

According to IDC , at the third quarter of 2018, iPhone accounted for 7.4% of the smartphone market share in China. The world’s leading smartphone brand must accept the 5th position in the planet’s most populous country.

Huawei took the lead with 25.2% market share, followed by Vivo (22.3%) and Oppo (21%). Xiaomi proved to be weaker when only accounting for 14%, but this figure is still nearly double the market share of iPhone.

1. Vivo

vivo v11 blue colorVivo is a smartphone brand belonging to BBK Group, the parent company of both OnePlus and Oppo. In 2018, Vivo came up with bold ideas such as a smartphone with a selfie camera turned on, or a smartphone with two screens. Recently, they are also testing smartphones without physical buttons and connectors.

However, Vivo’s best-selling product in 2018 is the X21, a version similar to the iPhone X with a broken screen at the top, glass back and dual camera on the back.

2. Oppo

oppo f9 purple colorAs a member of BBK’s “family”, Oppo has certain similarities with his brother Vivo. The Find X has a slider to hide the camera selfie inside like Vivo NEX, although the design of 2 different products. The Oppp R15 is also another copy of the iPhone X with a screen notch.

The brand’s biggest success in 2018 is the Oppo A5. This is the best selling smartphone in the Chinese market in the third quarter. It has a battery of 4,230 mAh battery, unlocked by face, dual camera but the price is only equivalent to 200 USD.

3. Huawei

huawei mate 20 pro black colorHuawei is the leading brand in the Chinese market, surpassing its rivals from the United States a long distance. In an effort to compete with Apple in the high-end segment, Huawei launched the Mate 20 Pro, a “hardware monster” with 3D face detection, fingerprint sensor on the screen, wireless charging.

While still producing cheap smartphones under its brand name, Huawei created an additional subsidiary, Honor, that specializes in high-end phones that are affordable. In the second quarter of 2018, the Honor 7C is China’s best-selling smartphone for just $ 130.

4. Xiaomi

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Pink ColorXiaomi brand is associated with images of cheap smartphones compared to competitors with the same configuration and features. Gradually following the general trend, Xiaomi has started to launch more diverse products in many segments.

They also went on to develop specialized devices such as smartphones for gaming and smartphone selfie. In early 2019, Xiaomi announced the cheap smartphone brand Redmi. This is a step to compete with Honor’s strong growth.

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