Sony is All Set to Work on Aibo, the Robot

Sony has announced that it is ready to bring back its famous robot dog pet.


The new Aibo will be the first entertainment Robot during 12 years by tech giants. It will be sold in Japan only for some time.

The specialty of this robot is that it learns different things from its owners and surroundings, as well as what has been fed into it by other robotic units. This sprightly come back by Sony definitely means that they are back in their innovative novelty and spirit after so many sluggish years.

The revamped version of this gadget has been designed in way that it can move and act like a real dog and with the passage of time it develops its own discrete personality.

The robot includes fish-eye cameras, location and mapping software, Wi-Fi connectivity and artificial intelligence to make it understand and adapt what its owner will say.

Aibo will touch the markets with sale in January for 198000 Yen or $1730. Users will pay a monthly subscription and use an app-based store to buy and install additional abilities. Let’s see how it works!

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