The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Console Commands and Cheats

This article will show all console commands and cheat codes for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Using Witcher 3 console commands will help you dive more deeper in the game. You can use these cheats while playing on PC. You can also find cheats and console commands for other games on our cheats page.

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Developers from The Witcher not only brought the popular series to a new level, but also raised the bar for the quality of role-playing games in general.

A large open world, many interesting stories, memorable characters and the atmosphere of Slavic fantasy are all clear arguments in favor of completing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

And if you are not a player who likes pumping and difficult battles (and there will be many of them), then prepare yourself with special codes from this article. They will facilitate the game at certain stages and affect some gameplay moments.


How to Enter Codes in the Game?

By default, developers from CD Projekt did not provide players with the ability to use cheat commands, so before you enter the codes, you will have to perform a few simple steps. We go to the root directory with the game (if it is a licensed Steam version, it is located at Steam \ steamapps \ common \ The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt \ bin \ config \ base) and open the general.ini text file located there.

In the file that should be opened with notepad or any other able to read this format text editor, add the line “DBGConcoleOn = true”, and then exit with all the changes saved. If everything is done correctly, the next time you enter the game, you can call the console by pressing the tilde button. This is where you will have to enter all the cheats listed below.

Important! Unlike many other games where cheats are easy to enter, Witcher 3 requires accuracy. Codes are case sensitive (uppercase, lowercase), spaces and other characters like brackets and quotation marks.

Therefore, if possible, copy the text from this page and paste directly into the game console. And do not forget to save yourself in a separate slot first so that your experiments with cheats do not interfere with the operation of scripts and entail the appearance of various bugs. Also, if you play Fallout 4, you should also check our Fallout 4 cheats.


Character Controlling Cheats

Below are Witcher 3 console commands for character controlling:

  • healme – a code for quick recovery of health.
  • addabl (MistCharge) – one hundred percent increase in durability.
  • god – activation of God Mode. The protagonist becomes immune to enemy attacks and other types of damage.
  • god2 – an endless supply of energy for the character.
  • Cat [number] – enable / disable permanent night vision. Substitute in the field (1), if you want to activate the cheat, (0) deactivates the previously entered command.
  • Drunk [number] – dial this code if you want to give the hero a drink while intoxicated. As in the previous case, switching occurs through 0 and 1.
  • cleardevelop – return the character to its original state. Appearance changes to available in the prologue, and all available items disappear from the inventory.
  • setlevel (number) – allows you to both pump and lower the character level to the specified level.
  • levelup – a command with a similar principle to the previous action. By registering it, you will increase the level of Geralt by one.
  • addexp (number) – a cheat that allows you to get an increase in the experience of the character. Accordingly, if it is enough to go to the next level, the hero will automatically receive it.
  • additem (‘Clearing Potion’) – if you have previously pumped any Geralt skills, this command will allow you to roll back the changes with the ability to redistribute points again.
  • addabl (HorseBag3) – an increase of one hundred units to the current weight limit that the character wears in his inventory.
  • addskillpoints (number) – a console command to get the specified number of skill points (skill points).
  • UnlockAllAchievements – quickly receive all in-game achievements. If we are talking about the Steam version, the team will work only inside the game, without affecting the statistics on the service itself. If you want to unlock them there, it makes sense to use the current version of Steam Achievement Manager.


The Witcher 3 Combat System Cheats

Below are Witcher 3 cheats for combat system. These cheat codes are directly related to the battles in the game and provide an opportunity to get some advantages over the superior forces of the enemy.

  • addabl (‘DamageBuff’) – a serious increase in damage from the attacks of your protagonist.
  • addabl (‘ForceCriticalHits’) – forced activation of critical attacks. Now they will fire with a 100% probability.
  • addabl (‘GeraltMult’) – a tenfold increase in the character’s current attack power.
  • addabl (attack_explosion); addabl (AardShrineBuff) – each of the commands increases damage and gives an increase in character efficiency. The first is 200%, the second is 50%.
  • rmvabl (‘name’) – this command allows you to undo the effects of any ability-adding cheats (such as the previous four from the list). To use it, you need to register a cheat with the copied content from the brackets.
  • likeaboss () – makes the damage from attacks fixed (about 40% of the enemy’s total health). Each enemy of Geralt will now die in a maximum of 3 hits.
  • killall – a very cheating team that allows you to instantly end the battle. By pressing the enter key, all the enemies surrounding Geralt will immediately die.


Appearance Commands

Below are Witcher 3 console commands for appearance. The console commands from this list do not give any advantages, but allow you to slightly diversify and customize the visual range to your preferences. They can be used at any time, without fear of saving the game, since all changes are reversible.

  • addHair1,2,3 – by entering the “addhair” code with your preferred number, you will get one of the standard hairstyles from the classic version of the game (standard haircut, braid or loose hair).
  • addHairDLC1,2,3 – another set of haircuts. To access it, you will have to install free additional content, released a little later than the main plot of The Witcher.
  • setbeard (1) – allows Geralt to instantly grow a thick beard. A similar command, but with the number 0 in brackets, rolls back the changes to their original state.
  • setcustomhead (1) – light unshaven.
  • shave () or shave – shaves off all the hair on the character’s face (hairstyle remains).
  • replaceplayer (‘Ciri’) – changes Geralt’s appearance to Cyril. Changes can be undone by typing replaceplayer (‘Geralt’).
  • spawn (‘cirilla’) – allows you to call Ciri right in front of the player. The NPC will stand still.
  • spawn (‘ciri’) – similar to the previous command, but this time the NPC will begin to copy the behavior of your protagonist.
  • appearance (‘__ q205_bandaged_naked’) – changes the standard skin of Cyri to wound in fabric.
  • appearance (‘__ q205_naked’) – Ciri will be completely naked.
  • appearance (ciri_winter) – Ciri in a winter insulated jacket.
  • appearance (__ q103_dirty); appearance (__ q103_wounded) – several options for soiled clothing. The protagonist will be smeared with dirt / covered with blood stains.
  • appearance (__ q310_masked) – raider mask for Cyril
  • appearance (__ q505_covered_01); appearance (__ q505_covered_02); appearance (__ q505_hooded); appearance (__ q505_hooded_02) – several options for wraps for Ciri.
  • spawn (‘triss’) – allows the player to summon the sorceress Triss.
  • appearance (‘triss_dress’) – change the standard appearance of Triss for a skin with a beautiful stylish skirt.
  • appearance (‘triss_lingerie’), appearance (‘triss_naked’) – the first team undresses Triss, leaving only one underneath, the second removes him.
  • spawn (‘yennefer’) – summons Jennifer next to the NPC player.
  • appearance (‘yennefer_gown’) – changes the standard appearance of Jennifer to the skin in a light dress.
  • appearance (‘yennefer_lingerie’) – beautiful underwear for Jennifer.
  • appearance (‘yennefer_head_towel’), appearance (‘yennefer_naked_no_hair’), appearance (‘yennefer_naked’) – several options for naked Yennifer. In the first case, the heroine covers her hair with a towel, in the second she has a short haircut, and in the third she is completely undressed with a standard haircut.
  • spawn (‘keira’) – a call to Geralt’s other lover, Keira.
  • appearance (‘naked_lingerie’) – undresses Keira to underwear.
  • appearance (‘naked), appearance (‘ keria_metz ’) – two teams with the opposite value. One completely undresses, and the other dresses the heroine.


Cheats for Managing Weather Effects and In-game Time

Below are Witcher 3 cheats for managing weather effects and in-game timing. That’s what we should pay tribute to the developers of the third Witcher, so it’s for the visual design. At the time of release, the game was one of the most advanced and impressed gamers with colorful graphics and real-time changing weather effects. Having registered some simple commands, players can create a picture suitable for their adventures.

  • changeweather (WT_Clear) – a sunny day with clear skies.
  • changeweather (WT_Light_Clouds) – daytime, there is little cloud in the sky.
  • changeweather (WT_Mid_Clouds), changeweather (WT_Heavy_Clouds) – teams that change the weather conditions to medium and heavy cloud cover.
  • changeweather (WT_Light_Rain), changeweather (WT_Light_Snow) – light precipitation. Rain and snow.
  • changeweather (WT_Blizzard) – the code causes a strong blizzard.
  • changeweather (WT_Rain_Storm) – heavy rain storm.
  • settime (value) – by entering a specific digit of the type hh: mm in the field with the value, you can rewind in-game time to the desired date. Together with it, visual changes of the time of day will occur.
  • TM (number) – experimenting with different numbers, you can speed up or slow down the flow of time on the in-game timer.
  • makeitrain, stoprain – two teams responsible for starting rain and stopping it. They work under any conditions (cloudy day, sunny day, evening, night, etc.).

Cheats for Inventory and Resources

Like most other RPG games, Witcher 3 focuses on character development, skill upgrades and, of course, getting powerful new equipment for battles with numerous opponents. Of course, you can independently get all the necessary items and get hold of money, but it can take more than a dozen hours. Therefore, we offer you some useful console commands that make it easy to get any thing. Below you can find Witcher 3 cheats for inventory and resources. Codes have the form additem (‘item’s name’, quantity), and their opposites, allowing you to remove things from the removeitem backpack (‘identifier’).

  • addmoney (number) – a code for money in the game The Witcher. To activate, just substitute any integer value between the brackets. removemoney (number) has the opposite effect, reducing the contents of the wallet by the specified amount.
  • additem (‘Unique steel sword’) – a code for obtaining a unique steel sword Vitis, dealing up to 900 points of damage and giving a 20 percent increase in the strength of the symbols Ard, Quen and four others. It is a relic item.
  • additem (‘q704 vampire steel sword’) – the cheat allows you to get a vampire steel sword with a lot of additional effects. Critical attacks will do damage with a bonus of 3⁄4 of their current value, plus a 15% chance of stunning and bleeding. Also, the sword allows you to restore health for killing enemies, if it is combined with elements of armor from the same set (+ 1% regeneration per item).
  • additem (‘Karabela’) – code for getting the steel sword of Karabela. In addition to high standard damage, it significantly increases the chance of a critical attack and can freeze the enemy for a while (in the latter case, the probability is only 2%).
  • addcrossbows – after entering this code, several crossbows from the original game will appear in your inventory. If you are interested in more powerful weapons, install “Blood and Wine”, as well as other add-ons that introduce endgame content into the game. For example, additem (‘Geralt of Rivia Crossbow’) and additem (‘Ravix of Fourhorn Crossbow’) are small arms of the Witcher and Ravix with a 300 percent increase in damage, which is allowed to equip characters of 31 and higher levels.
  • additem (‘Thief Armor’), additem (‘Thief Gloves’), additem (‘Thief Pants’), additem (‘Thief Boots’) – by entering all four commands in turn, you can collect a full set of medium new moon armor with a large number of performance bonuses – an increase in crit damage and chance of its triggering, an increase in the amount of loot falling from enemies, and resistance to cutting attacks.
  • additem (‘q704_vampire_armor’), additem (‘q704_vampire_gloves’), additem (‘q704_vampire_pants’), additem (‘q704_vampire_boots’), additem (‘q704_vamp hotkey_mas. Ideal for battles with monsters, as each part of it has the effect of reducing damage from 6 to 30%. There are protection effects against chopping and piercing attacks in general.
  • additem (‘W_Poker’) – allows you to get a poker. Unlike swords, it is an auxiliary weapon, but this is no less effective. It has almost 900 points of damage and bonuses to impact damage. Well suited for battles with enemies dressed in heavy armor, as it has a great chance of breaking through.
  • additem (‘PC Caretaker Shovel’) – another auxiliary weapon, this time of relic type. By the amount of damage, it does not stand out among other weapons in 90+ levels, but it has the effect of vampirism. 10% of the damage inflicted on the enemy flows into the Geralt’s health strip.
  • additem (‘W_Axe06’) – a large ax with more than a thousand points of damage, effectively cracking down on opponents in heavy armor due to bonuses to cut through damage and a fifty percent increase in critical attack strength. The only negative point is that he has a low attack speed, which makes this ax ineffective when fighting fast nimble rivals.

Of course, the list of items available for receiving is not limited to the examples indicated above. The Witcher is a fairly large-scale RPG, so the list of hundreds of items is listed here. If you have not found anything suitable for yourself, we recommend using the tables from the official Wiki for the game, which lists even the smallest consumables and their identifiers.


Cheats for Food and Drinks

Below are Witcher 3 cheats for food, drinks and other eatables. Unlike the real world, where alcohol gives a pleasant intoxication and a hangover in the morning, in the game, it plays the role of a kind of elixirs, temporarily giving the hero a variety of bonuses and enhancements.

additem (‘Beauclair White’) – a bottle of white wine from Bockler. Instant 50HP recovery and five-second health regeneration effect + 50HP per second.

additem (‘Redanian Herbal’) – Redan acorn wine. Imposes similar positive effects as in the previous case.

Adddrinks – adding to the inventory all alcoholic beverages at once. There are 26 of them in the game.

additem (‘Bread’), additem (‘Burned bread’) – codes for regular bread and toasted bread. The latter is clearly an amateur.

additem (‘Apple’), additem (‘Baked apple’) – ordinary apples and baked apples.

additem (‘Bun’), additem (‘Burned bun’) – codes for getting a roll and a slightly burnt sweet roll.

additem (‘Chicken’), additem (‘Chicken leg’), additem (‘Roasted chicken leg), additem (‘ Roasted chicken leg ‘), additem (‘ Chicken sandwich ‘), additem (‘ Grilled chicken sandwich ‘) – several options for culinary products from chicken. Regular chicken, chicken legs, fried chicken and fried chicken legs, as well as chicken sandwich and well-fried chicken sandwich.

additem (‘Raw meat’), additem (‘Fried meat’) – a piece of raw meat and well-done steak from it.


Animals and Creature Codes

Need to talk with some NPC or want to fight with a specific opponent / opponents, but too lazy to run to a specific place on the map, spending a lot of time? There is a solution – teams for instant spawn. In order for any animal, monster or person to appear in the right amount near Geralt, you must enter the spawn code (‘name’, number), where ‘name’ should be replaced with an NPC identifier, and instead of the “number” field, indicate the number. And do not forget that codes will only work if the combination of the necessary characters is present. The name in this case is taken in single quotes, and there should not be a space before the number. Below you can find Witcher 3 cheat codes for creatures and animals.

  • _quest__miscreant, _quest__miscreant_greater – call the quest monster Igoshi. In the first case, its usual version (child), in the second – already transformed.
  • elemental_dao_lvl1, elemental_dao_lvl3__ice – earth and ice elemental.
  • ghoul, ghoul_lesser, ghoul_lvl1, ghoul_lvl2, ghoul_lvl3 – several varieties of ghouls. Ordinary ghouls, small ghouls and three variants of ghouls with different levels (15, 25, 45).
  • gryphon_lvl2 – after entering the cheat, a level 25 griffin will appear in front of you. If you want to call alpha-gryphon, enter gryphon_lvl3__volcanic.
  • horse – if you need to urgently get somewhere, but there was no horse nearby, entering this code will help to solve this problem right away. You can also call a horse trainer anywhere – the horse_manager code.
  • boat – call a boat to a suitable zone for her at a game location.
  • frozen_soldier – creates a giant ice statue nearby.
  • fogling_lvl1, fogling_lvl2, fogling_mh – several varieties of foggers, differing in strength and level (from the weakest ones that are found at the initial levels to the stronger ones).

Also in the game world there are several dozen animals that can be called up with simple commands in English. Dog – dog, owl – owl, deer – deer and so on.


Gwint Cheats

One of the mini-games in The Witcher, especially attracted by users, was the fictional card game Gwint (later the CD Projekt even made two separate projects on its basis – the online analogue of Hearthstone and Thronebreaker). With Gwint, a whole line of side quests is connected, ending with a large-scale tournament. If you want to quickly get hold of top cards, use the following console commands:

  • gwint_card_albrich – obtaining Albrich, a long-range unit of low efficiency (2)
  • gwint_card_arachas1,2,3 – three variations of the head-eye fighting in the close range of the unit (4)
  • gwint_card_arachas_behemoth – receiving a huge head-eye belonging to the category of siege troops (6)
  • gwint_card_archer_support – reinforcements archers, long-range units (10)
  • gwint_card_archer_support2 – the second version of archers reinforcements (10)
  • gwint_card_assire – Assire var Anagyd, ranged units (6)
  • gwint_card_avallach – Mysterious Elves – Heroes Fighting at Close Range (0)
  • gwint_card_ballista – ballistae, large siege weapons (6)
  • gwint_card_ballista_officer – call of the Redan marshal
  • gwint_card_barclay – Barclay Els, a universal unit for close combat and long range (6)
  • gwint_card_black_archer – long-range units Archers of the Brown Khorugvi 1 (10)
  • gwint_card_black_archer2 – Archers of Brown Khorugvi second option (10)
  • gwint_card_botchling – call Igoshi, designed for battles in the near row (4)
  • gwint_card_bruxa – calling vampires, for close range (4)
  • gwint_card_catapult – a siege detachment card with catapults (8), if you add a deuce to the end of the cheat, you can get the second option at your disposal.
  • gwint_card_celaeno_harpy – Harpies – universal for short and long range (2)
  • gwint_card_ciaran – Kiaran aep Easnillen – Melee / Ranged unit (3)
  • gwint_card_ciri – call of Cyril, is a hero fighting in the front row (15)
  • gwint_card_clear_sky – a weather map that makes the sky clear.
  • gwint_card_cockatrice – the card calls Vasilik – a ranged unit (2)
  • gwint_card_crone_brewess – cook witch card, suitable for close combat (6)

In addition to cards, there are several cheats for the Gwint game itself. For example, if you do not want to look for a place where your computer opponents gather, just enter the secretgwint code – it will automatically start the game. winGwint (true) will help you win in any situation, and with the help of the addgwintcards 258 team, you will have at your disposal a complete set for the game from which you can make the strongest deck.


Other Console Commands

This includes less popular console commands that do not belong to any of the above categories. For the most part, they relate to the in-game interface and the map of the game world. Below is a list of more Witcher 3 console commands you can use for different purposes:

  • ShowAllFT (1) – unlocking all pointers, allowing you to activate fast movement to certain locations.
  • ShowPins (1) – opening of all locations and icons on the map of the game world.
  • ShowKnownPins (1) – display on the map of all currently unexplored / unknown places (marked with question marks in the zone).
  • AllowFT (1) – allows players to teleport from any location, including those where this feature is blocked by default.
  • testpause, testunpause – the first team puts the game on a quick pause, the second removes it.
  • mainmenu – forced call of the main menu even at those moments when the game limits gamers in this opportunity.
  • activateAllGlossaryBeastiary – completely fills the Bestiary (the section of the magazine where information about all enemies / monsters of the game world is stored) with records of creatures encountered.
  • activateAllGlossaryCharacters – complete the Glossary.


Trainer Cheats

If you did not find a suitable function in the cheats list or just do not want to mess with the console, use other effective ways to change the gameplay – trainers. These programs are installed on the hard drive, run simultaneously with the game and allow you to assign a number of functions useful for gamers to certain keys. For example, trainer +29, compatible with the game version 1.31. It takes as many as 29 keys, so it makes sense to first see if important control commands are assigned to them. Below is a list of trainer cheats:

  • Num 0 – the hero will acquire an endless supply of health and, as a result, actual invulnerability to attacks.
  • Num 1 – activation of an endless supply of stamina.
  • Num 2 – Geralt will no longer receive damage from any effects and attacks of a toxic nature.
  • Num 3 – adrenaline reserves will no longer run out.
  • Num 4 – Infinite supply of oxygen, now your character will not be able to suffocate.
  • Num 5 – the horse will no longer spend stamina while galloping.
  • Num 6 – the horse stops being scared (zero anxiety).
  • Num 7 – Adding random items to inventory (+1 piece per click)
  • Num 8 – Adding items to the backpack (+5 pieces per click)
  • Num 9 – Adding items (+10 pieces per click)
  • Num / – Reset any item (1 per click)
  • Num * – Add Strength (+50)
  • Num – – Items and weapons will now have an infinite margin of safety.
  • Num + – allows you to create items, regardless of the presence / absence in the inventory of consumables necessary for crafting.
  • F1 – the character will acquire endless bombs.
  • F2 – an endless supply of game currency in the inventory.
  • F3 – dumping the available amount of gold to a thousand units.
  • F4 – your protagonist will always win at Gwint.
  • The remaining eleven commands are for fine tuning and partially duplicate the functions presented above. You can find out about them in the main menu of the trainer.

Also, some trainers for the third Witcher have functions for controlling weather conditions, rewinding time, quick teleportation and other useful features. Most importantly, the player at any time can repeatedly press the desired key and discard the changes made.

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